How to connect USB C to HDMI- Apphone Type C to HDMI Cable

USB C to HDMI Cable

HDMI(or High-Definition Multimedia Interface)became popular in the late naughts with the rise of HD televisions.Connecting your USB-C enabled smartphone or tablet to a TV,monitor or projector is extremely quick and easy to do by using this adapter from Olixar.Using a USB-C to HDMI cable is quite simple.You just need to follow a few steps. How to connect USB C to HDMI-Apphone Type C to HDMI Cable

Once TVs migrated to HDMI as the preferred cable type for game consoles and home theatre devices,HDMI ports quickly appeared on computer monitor displays as well.This single cable can carry both digital video and sound.This can be great if your TV or monitor has built-in speakers.Before we begin,an important thing to understand is that not all devices with a USB type C port can stream data through a USB-C to HDMI cable.USB has different standards namely 3.0,2.0,etc. This HDMI converterlets you use the versatileUSB Type-Cport on your portable device. USB-C is a reversible connector,soyoucanplug it to your device in any direction.

How to use USB-C to HDMI Cable?Connect the USB-C plug into your tablet,laptop or mobile.Make sure your host device provide video out,which means the USB-C port must supply DP alt Mode!(DP Alt mode:Alternate Mode is a feature in USB Type-C,allowing for transmission of video signal.)

Apphone 4K 60Hz USBC to HDMI Cable,The latest technology supports 4K 60Hz(Compatible with Thunderbolt 3/4),which has a higher refresh rate than the mainstream 4K 30Hz cable on the market.Adopts latest HDMI 2.0,supports 4K ultra HD Audio and HDCP via the HDMI port,up to 3840×2160 60Hz resolution.High-quality nickel-plated connector ensures undisturbed data transmission,and thicker copper wires significantly reduce signal loss with maximum conductivity.The stylish cold gray 11c dark gray aluminum case has high strength,and the metal heat dissipation is good to ensure the safety of the equipment.The interface and the cable are seamlessly connected to avoid damage to the connector,and it is durable for more than 10,000 times of plugging and unplugging experiments.

How to connect USB C to HDMI
To begin with,it provides a high resolution of 4K 60Hz and is also backward compatible with 4K 30Hz,1080p.
It supports HDMI 2.0 and is HDCP 2.2 Compatible,giving ultra-high performance.
It has a braided nylon cable,advanced aluminum case and an option for a lifetime warranty,making it an ideal choice.

It comes in variable lengths,so you can select the one as per your need.It is compatible with a variety of devices.If your primary machine is a MacBook,MacBookPro,MacBookAir,or iMac,you will need a Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter or a USB-C to HDMI adapter.The Apphone USB-C to HDMI Adapter does just this.If you want more information,feel free to contact us with your questions.


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