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HUB Adapters manufacturer

As a leading electronic cable manufacturer and factory, APPHONE technology research and development team has been exploring multifunctional adapters for seamless connection. Our HUB Adapters have the function of voltage surge protection, reducing overheating and overloading, which can effectively protect your electronic equipment. Multi-port adapters are designed for B2B customization needs, providing a customizable combination of ports.
Convert Micro, USB C, USB A, and USB male/female plugs to each other. It is also possible to package any combination of HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort/mini DisplayPort, audio, Ethernet and SD card into a Lightning, USB A, USB Type C hub. Mutual conversion and adaptation to apply to different application scenarios. Combine different interfaces into a multi-port HUB adapter as needed. Explore our range of adapters for unique interface combinations. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, welcome to wholesale HUB Adapters from APPHONE at an affordable price.

Quality Certification

Comprehensive certification is to provide the best cables, adapters, earphones and chargers. Of course, high-quality and reliable products are inseparable from the quality control measures we follow at all times. Strict production processes ensure that products always meet the highest quality requirements.

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Wholesale Customized HUB Adapters solution

Professional B2B bulk purchase Adapters manufacturers, support customized solutions.

Interface customization for HUB Adapters

We can design customized interface types for HUB adapters according to the specific needs of customers. This includes usb c to usb adapter, usb to hdmi adapter, usb to ethernet, vga to hdmi, display port to hdmi, usb to audio and other different conversion methods. In order to meet the connection requirements between different devices.

multi-port combination for HUB Adapters

If customers need to combine multiple different types of interfaces on one HUB adapter, including: USB, Lightning, Audio, HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, SD card and Ethernet. Carry out customized production. Our engineers will simulate and test a safe and feasible combination scheme according to your needs. This makes it easy for users to connect multiple devices at the same time, increasing the adapter's usefulness and value.

exterior design for Expansion interface

We understand the importance of brand image, so the color, material and shape of the housing can be customized to ensure that the adapter is consistent with the customer's brand. We can also print customer's logo and information on the casing to enhance brand recognition. Help customers promote brand building.

Function customization for usb adapter

If customers need specific functions, such as fast charging, data transmission speed optimization, etc., APPHONE can be customized according to requirements. Our dedicated team of engineers can work with customers to ensure that the adapters function as they expect.

Package Design for adapter HUB

We provide personalized packaging designs to suit different retail channels and markets. Customers can choose to customize different packaging materials, packaging styles, labels, instructions, etc., to ensure that the expansion adapter is consistent with the brand when it is put on the shelf.

Custom Quantity for Adapter

Whether it is small batch or large-scale procurement, APPHONE can meet the needs of customers. We flexibly adapt to different quantities of customized production, ensuring that customers can get the quantity they need. Contact us now to get a reliable HUB adapter at the best price.

Discover APPHONE's Journey

Founded in 2006, APPHONE has consistently strived to redefine excellence, continuously raising the industry bar. As our company’s footprint expands, our commitment to excellence remains resolute, particularly in the dynamic field of cable manufacturing.

At the heart of our strategy lies an unyielding dedication to innovation. Our product portfolio now spans a wide spectrum of cutting-edge solutions, ranging from Apple Lightning data cables to USB Type C data cables, Micro USB cables, earphones, adapters, wall chargers, and car chargers. These comprehensive offerings underscore our commitment to providing convenient, high-quality solutions tailored to the varied demands of our valued customers.

Moving ahead, our customer-centric ethos remains our guiding star. Together, we embark on a journey of innovation and trust-building, shaping a brighter tomorrow for all.

Uncompromising Commitment to Excellence and Comprehensive Quality Assurance

Welcome to Appphone, your comprehensive partner for tailor-made electronic cable solutions. Our role as a one-stop custom MFI manufacturer is underscored by an integrated production line that harnesses the latest technologies in processing, injection molding, printing, assembly, quality control, packaging, and shipping. Our expansive 4000㎡ workshop is home to a dedicated team of over 200 experienced professionals. Guided by meticulous attention to detail, every facet of our production process is intricately organized. From rigorous material inspection to precise soldering and meticulous packaging, we seamlessly fuse manual expertise with cutting-edge machinery, ensuring unparalleled quality, reliability, and endurance of our products. Years of unwavering dedication and continual advancement have positioned us as the preferred manufacturer and supplier for leading data line companies globally. With Appphone, you can expect nothing less than exceptional quality and service excellence.

Holistic and Trustworthy Certification

Step into a realm of unwavering assurance with our certified product offerings. Explore a versatile range of B2B solutions, encompassing Apple Lightning cables, USB Type C cables, Micro USB cables, audio headsets, adapters, and chargers. Our dedication to excellence is firmly rooted in a comprehensive array of approvals, including Apple MFI, USB, RoHS, CE, FCC, REACH, UL, and ISO certifications.

This comprehensive approach empowers us to navigate the intricate landscape of electronic product manufacturing with a sense of certainty. Your trust acts as the cornerstone as we meticulously oversee the impeccable production of a diverse range of electronic solutions. At APPHONE, we embody quality, precision, and reliability in the realm of B2B product creation.

Global Presence and Prominent B2B Impact

Our influence resonates on a global scale, showcased by our active participation in renowned trade exhibitions such as CES in Las Vegas, the Hong Kong Exhibition, CeBIT in Hannover, and MEGE SHOW in Paris. These prestigious platforms have propelled our products into the spotlight, garnering acclaim from esteemed brands and customers spanning the globe.

A genuine reflection of our credibility lies in the strong partnerships we’ve forged with renowned brands. Our factory’s offerings are prominently featured in major retail chains, including Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, 7-Eleven, and Rakuten. Additionally, our distinction as a gold supplier of USB cables on Alibaba underscores our steadfast commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards.

We extend a cordial invitation for you to explore our top-tier offerings, where unmatched quality, competitive pricing, and unparalleled service seamlessly converge. Your trust in our brand fuels our continuous drive to elevate the industry standard within the B2B market.

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HUB Adapters FAQ

HUB Adapters are devices used to expand one interface into multiple interfaces for multifunctional connection between modern digital devices. They usually provide additional functions such as USB ports, HDMI, Ethernet, SD card slot, so that users can connect multiple external devices.

HUB Adapters have the advantages of multi-interface connection, high-speed data transmission, intelligent identification of equipment, and convenient expansion. Not only do they provide more connectivity options, but they also improve productivity and user experience.
Adapters play an important role in modern life, especially in scenarios where multiple external devices need to be connected, such as office, entertainment, and creation.

Custom Adapters can meet the needs of specific devices and scenarios. We can choose different interface combinations, appearance designs and materials according to customers’ requirements to create customized solutions that suit their needs.

HUB Adapters are suitable for various scenarios, including office, home entertainment, education, etc. They can connect multiple devices together for more convenient data transfer and sharing.

We employ strict quality control measures in the production process, including material selection, production process and product testing. We are committed to providing HUB Adapters of high quality, reliability and durability.

APPHONE supports most of the interface types on the market, as follows:
USB Interfaces (USB-A, USB-B, Micro USB, Mini USB, USB Type-C), HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, Ethernet, Audio, SD Card/MicroSD Card, Thunderbolt, MIDI, Serial, Parallel, eSATA, and M .2 interface etc.

Yes, as a professional manufacturer of HUB Adapters, we support customized solutions. You can choose different interface combinations according to your needs to meet your specific connection needs.

Yes, we can custom print or engrave your company LOGO on the Expansion interface Adapters according to your requirements to display your brand in a customized way.

Yes, APPHONE has advanced production equipment and rich production experience, which can meet the needs of mass customization of HUB Expansion interface Adapters.

The cooperation process includes stages such as demand communication, design confirmation, sample production, manufacturing, quality inspection and delivery. We will work closely with you to ensure a smooth customization process.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery

Fastest delivery within 22 days

Quick proofing

Quick proofing

Fastest 3-day proofing cycle

After-sale protection

After-sale protection

24-month long warranty

1V1Customer Service

1V1Customer Service

Professional customer service follow-up

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