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Audio earpods Adapter/Cable Manufacturer

As an industry-leading manufacturer of electronic cables, APPHONE upholds excellent innovative spirit and customized manufacturing capabilities in the field of Headphone Cable. 
We have a comprehensive certification system, including Apple MFI, CE, FCC, RoHS, Reach, etc., to provide you with reliable product protection. In terms of product production, whether it is the length, material, appearance design of the earphone cable, or the quality of audio transmission, we can customize and wholesale according to your requirements. At the same time, it covers various types of audio cable solutions, including Headphone Adapter, audio auxiliary cable, USB Type C earpods and Lightning earphone, etc., to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

From durable cable materials to high-quality audio transmission, we are committed to providing you with excellent product performance. At the same time, our strict quality control ensures that each customized product can meet high standards and meet your expectations.
At APPHONE, we are not only your manufacturing partner, but also your customized solution provider. We are eagerly looking forward to customizing unique earpods Cable and other audio products for you, bringing more possibilities to your products. Contact us today to help your business grow!

Quality Certification

Comprehensive certification is to provide the best cables, adapters, earphones and chargers. Of course, high-quality and reliable products are inseparable from the quality control measures we follow at all times. Strict production processes ensure that products always meet the highest quality requirements.

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Wholesale customize headset cable solution

Reliable B2B International Distribution audio earpods Cable/Headphone Adapter Wholesale Factory

Earpods Adapter Packaging Customization

We support customized packaging design, including boxes, bags, printed labels, etc., to highlight your brand image while adapting to different retail channels.

Headphone Cable Material and Color Selection

APPHONE provides a variety of material and color options, including wire material, jacket material, plug material, etc., to ensure that your earpods Cable is unique in appearance and texture.

Headphone Adapter length customization

According to the needs of different purposes and equipment, different lengths of headset cables are provided to ensure the flexibility and convenience of the product.

Earpods Cable Custom Appearance

We can customize the unique appearance of Headphone Cable according to the requirements of customers. And support OEM/ODM customization to enhance customer brand unity. Make sure the product perfectly matches your brand style and market positioning.

Audio Earphone Mass Customization and Supply

We can meet the purchase needs of audio earpods in different batches, whether it is small batch trial sales or large batch supply, we can maintain high quality and stable supply.

Audio Cable Technical Support and Consulting

Our professional team will provide you with technical support and consultation to help you choose the most suitable solution to meet your audio headset requirements and budget.

Introducing APPHONE

From its inception in 2006, APPHONE has consistently striven to set new standards of excellence. Our dedication to excellence in the cable industry remains unwavering as our scope continues to expand. Today, we stand as a beacon of excellence in the realm of data cable manufacturing.

Our unwavering commitment to continuous technological advancement defines our ethos. We’ve broadened our portfolio to encompass a diverse array of cutting-edge solutions, spanning from Apple Lightning data cables to USB Type C data cables, Micro USB cables, earphones, adapters, wall chargers, and car chargers. Our streamlined one-stop production lines epitomize both convenience and uncompromising quality, tailored precisely to meet the multifaceted demands of our valued clientele.

As we march boldly into the future, our customer-centric philosophy remains the cornerstone of our mission. With our many years of professional experience and continuous innovative technology, we have the strength to be your reliable supplier in the field of headset Cable.

Unwavering Dedication to Excellence and Holistic Quality Assurance

Welcome to Appphone, your comprehensive partner for bespoke MFI solutions. Our role as a one-stop custom MFI manufacturer is fortified by an integrated production line that harnesses cutting-edge technologies encompassing processing, injection molding, printing, assembly, quality control, packaging, and shipping.

Within our expansive 4000㎡ workshop thrives a dedicated team of over 200 seasoned professionals. Meticulous attention to detail guides every facet of our production process, meticulously organized from rigorous material inspection to precise soldering and impeccable packaging. Our seamless blend of manual expertise and state-of-the-art machinery guarantees not only the highest quality but also unrivaled reliability and durability of our products.

Years of unwavering commitment and continual advancement have firmly established us as the preferred manufacturer and supplier for distinguished data line companies around the globe. With Appphone as your partner, you’re assured of nothing less than exceptional quality and a commitment to service excellence.

Comprehensive Validation for Unwavering Confidence

Step into a realm of unwavering certainty with our certified product offerings. Delve into a diverse array of B2B solutions, ranging from Apple Lightning cables, USB Type C cables, to Micro USB cables, audio headsets, adapters, and chargers. Our commitment to excellence finds its roots in a comprehensive suite of approvals, including Apple MFI, USB, RoHS, CE, FCC, REACH, UL, and ISO certifications.

This all-encompassing approach empowers us to boldly navigate the intricate landscape of electronic product manufacturing. Your trust propels us forward as we ensure the flawless production of an extensive spectrum of electronic solutions. At Appphone, we stand as a lighthouse of quality, precision, and reliability in the domain of B2B product innovation.

Global Reach and B2B Market Impact

Our influence resonates across the international stage, as evidenced by our participation in esteemed trade exhibitions like CES in Las Vegas, the Hong Kong Exhibition, CeBIT in Hannover, and MEGE SHOW in Paris. These platforms have propelled our products into the spotlight, resulting in recognition from prestigious brands and customers spanning the entire globe.

A true testament to our credibility lies in the robust partnerships we’ve forged. The products from our factory proudly grace the shelves of prominent retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, 7-Eleven, and Rakuten. Furthermore, our distinction as a gold supplier of USB cables on Alibaba speaks volumes about our steadfast commitment to quality.

We cordially invite you to explore our world-class offerings, where unsurpassed quality, competitive pricing, and unmatched service come together seamlessly. Your trust in our brand propels us to perpetually elevate the industry standard within the dynamic realm of B2B commerce.

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Headphone Adapter/cable FAQ

A Headphone Cable is a cable used to connect headphones to an audio source device. It is an important part of transmitting audio signals from audio devices to headphones, allowing you to enjoy high-quality music, sound and calls.

Headphone Cable has a variety of connector types to accommodate a variety of different headphones and audio equipment. Common interfaces include: 3.5mm stereo plug, 2.5mm plug, 6.35mm plug, USB Type C and Lighting interface. These different interfaces allow the headset to be compatible with a variety of devices.

Customized earphone Cable can be produced according to your needs, including cable length, appearance design and material, etc. This means you get a custom cable that fits your specific purpose and brand image.

We provide you with a range of customization options, including cable length, color, printed logo, packaging, appearance design, material selection and more. Our professional team will work with you to meet the needs of different customers.

Our Headphone Cable has gone through a strict certification process, including CE, RoHS, FCC and other certifications. These certifications demonstrate that our products meet international quality and safety standards.

A Headphone Adapter is a connector used to match different types of headphone plugs with audio device jacks. It allows you to seamlessly switch your headset usage between different devices.

Common Headphone Adapter interface conversion types include 3.5mm to 6.35mm, USB Type C to 3.5mm male/female, Apple Lightning to 3.5mm male/female, AUX male to male, AUX male to female and AUX female to female, etc. Adapt to different headsets and devices.

Yes, we provide customized earpods Adapter, you can choose different interface conversion types, colors and appearance designs according to your needs. This will ensure adaptation to your brand image and product needs.

Our Headphone Adapter undergoes strict quality control and is manufactured with durable materials to ensure its stability and durability in daily use.

Of course. The customized headset Adapter can be printed with your brand logo and design, so that your brand can be displayed when users use it, improving brand awareness and publicity effect.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery

Fastest delivery within 22 days

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Quick proofing

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After-sale protection

24-month long warranty

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1V1Customer Service

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