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Distribution Agent

Become Our International Distribution Partner

Why choose APPHONE

Fast delivery

Fast delivery

Fastest delivery within 22 days

Quick proofing

Quick proofing

Fastest 1-3 day proofing cycle

After-sale protection

After-sale protection

24-month long warranty

1V1Customer Service

1V1Customer Service

Professional customer service follow-up

  • Allows you to sell various products without a large investment.
  • Reduce costly inventory or warehouse management input and maintenance.
  • Save you from spending a lot of time on packing or mailing your items.
  • You can use our pictures, descriptions and other material resources to help you sell.

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How to cooperate in distribution

Customer Order APPHONE dealer

Customer Order

Customer places an order

Notify production APPHONE dealer

Notify production

You pass the order on to us for production

cargo freight APPHONE dealer

Cargo freight

The factory ships the product directly to the customer

Distribution Partner

Agent application

Our promise to you

1) The price you paid for the item will not be reflected when the product is shipped to your customer.
2) We will not contact your customers in any way.
3) Make sure that the logo on the product and the packaging are in line with your brand requirements.
4) All your orders will be communicated transparently with you and will never affect your revenue settlement.

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