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APPHONE - MFI Certified Cable

Shenzhen Apphone Electronic Co.,Ltd

Since the establishment of Shenzhen Apphone Electronic Co.,Ltd. in 2006, we have continuously improved in product quality, production technology, technology research and development, talent reserve, and market reputation. We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

Apphone insist on first-class management and produce first-class products. We are always dedicated to providing consumers with quality goods and services. This originality makes Shenzhen Apphone Electronic Co.,Ltd. continue to operate and develop steadily, and become a professional manufacturer of data cables. Apphone is developing and growing, and we are eagerly looking forward to working together with more quality partners. Give full play to the resource advantages of all parties to achieve a win-win situation.

1 W+
Year established
6 Year
Response time
1 H
Covering countries
60 +
100 +
60 +
200 +
Production lines

*Data as of August  2023

Inspection rate
50 %
Excellent rate
> 90 %
Client Satisfaction
60 %

APPHONE Concept: Integrity, innovation & create a better future

APPHONE Concept: Integrity, innovation & create a better future.
Appphone has always been down-to-earth, adhering to the principle of “being a product that consumers trust.”
Appphone adheres to first-class quality management measures and produces industry-leading high-quality and high-standard products for all customers. And has been committed to technological innovation and product design for a long time, and has absolute advantages in product performance and appearance. Possess the ability to meet the specific needs of customers. Various aspects make Shenzhen Apphone Electronic Co.,Ltd a leader in the industry.
Appphone is developing and growing, and we are eagerly looking forward to working with more high-quality partners. Give full play to the resource advantages of all parties, build cooperation and create a better future.



Reliable Strength and Complete Quality Control System

Appphone as a one-stop custom MFI manufacturer. The production line is well-equipped to provide processing, injection molding, printing, assembly, quality control, packaging and shipping services. We have a large workshop of 4000㎡ and more than 200 experienced workers. From material inspection, soldering to finished product packaging, manual and machine cooperation, every step is in order. Ensure high quality, reliability and durability of products. Sustained and steady operation and development have made us a popular manufacturer supplier for large and medium-sized data line companies in the world.

Customized Solutions

We have excellent capabilities in the field of customized MFI product solutions. We are well aware of the unique needs of each customer, so in the process of product development and manufacturing, we provide all-round customization solutions such as injection molding, port customization, brand customization and appearance customization.
Customer-centric, work closely with you to ensure that every customized detail is met. No matter what kind of customized MFI product solution you need, we have the technology and experience to realize it, providing you with the highest quality products and satisfactory experience. Choose APPHONE, we have everything you need for customization.


International Trade Shows: B2B Distribution

We have participated in many trade shows all over the world, such as CES in Las Vegas, Hong Kong Exhibition, CeBIT in Hannover, MEGE SHOW in Paris…
Our products are recognized by many brands and customers all over the world. Many well-known brands all over the world have established good relationships with us, and you can find products made in our factory at Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, 7-Eleven, Rakuten. We are also a gold supplier of USB cables on Alibaba.
Welcome to visit us, you will get high quality products, reasonable price and best service.

Factory workshop overview

Our Highlights Capabilities

Why Choose APPHONE

Certification System APPHONE

Comprehensive certification system

APPHONE are a professional data cable manufacturer certified by MFI, USB-IF, FCC, CE, UL and ISO 9001. Capable and confident to complete the production of various data cables, adapters and chargers for customers. Customer satisfaction and peace of mind is the original intention of our development.

Customized solutions APPHONE

Customized solutions

We provide customized MFI product solutions for corporate customers to meet their specific needs in terms of length, interface, function, color and material of packaging and appearance, ODM requirements, etc. Tailor-made production services help many corporate customers to obtain better market effects.

MFI certified manufacturing APPHONE

Professional MFI certified manufacturer

As APPHONE, we are the leading MFI manufacturer. We use strict MFI certification to ensure high-quality production and build a solid customer relationship. Our products are seamlessly compatible with Apple devices and are always of the highest quality. Choose us, you will get unparalleled MFI products and excellent service.

One-stop production APPHONE

One-stop production

Appphone's production line is very complete, and it can provide a series of services from proofing, processing, injection molding, printing, assembly, quality control, packaging and transportation. Reduce complicated communication and save worry and effort. This means that you can get high efficiency, consistent quality and customized solution services in APPHONE. Let your ideas become reality faster.

Innovative technology APPHONE

Innovative technology and design

APPHONE has long been committed to technological innovation and product design, and has absolute advantages in product performance and appearance. The professional R&D team continues to pay attention to industry trends and new consumer trends. Starting from the needs of end users, with the assistance of new technologies in the industry, we will maintain continuous innovation. Ability to meet specific needs of B2B customers.

International Distribution APPHONE

International Distribution and Wholesale

APPHONE provides flexible distribution solutions for global partners, as well as customized wholesale services suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. Everything is dedicated to helping customers grow their business. Cooperating with us, you will get diversified products, competitive prices and support.

High Quality APPHONE

High Quality and Reliability

From various certifications to a complete data control system, from standardized production workshops to professional technical teams. APPHONE sets out to provide customers with high-quality, reliable and durable products. 100% testing of raw materials, 100% testing of assembly process, 100% life/environmental testing, and 100% testing of finished products. IQC-PQC-OQC-FQC complete quality assurance system to ensure that products always meet the highest quality requirements.

After-Sales Service APPHONE

Technical Support & After-Sales Service

Professional technical development team and 12/6 customer service support to solve after-sales problems and product customization support for customers. Wherever you are, you can rely on us. Our customer service team is dedicated to customer satisfaction, ensuring you consistently receive quality products and excellent service. The product has a 1-year warranty period to protect the rights and interests of customers.

Cable Manufacturers with Complete Certification System

APPHONE Data Cable Certificate

apphone partner PHILIPS
apphone partner anker
apphone partner ugreen
apphone partner baseus
apphone partner hama
apphone partner Amazon
apphone partner Walmart

*Some of our partners, in no particular order.

Welcome to visit our innovation place – APPHONE’s production base. The following is our efficient and reliable production workshop and equipment, showing our unremitting efforts to achieve high-quality cable and charger products. From raw materials to finished products, our production process is full of technology and passion, providing customers with an unparalleled product experience. Follow in our footsteps and learn more about our manufacturing capabilities and commitment.

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After-sale protection

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