Super Fast Charging Type c cable- Apphone USB C to USB C Cable Nylon Braided

USB C to USB C Cable Nylon Braided

USB-C ports—especially USB-C ports on smartphones—are constantly at risk of getting filled with dust,dirt,and other debris.PD cables can charge laptops and other high-wattage devices,something impossible for the older USB standards.Best Phone Accessories For Android And iPhone. Super Fast Charging Type c cable-Apphone USB C to USB C Cable Nylon Braided

USB-C cables can transfer data up to two times faster than other USB cables A standard USB-C connector can provide 2.5 watts of power,which is the same as most USB-A connectors.But many devices use something called a Power Delivery(PD)protocol,which will let a USB-C cable deliver up to 100 watts.We have tested numerous USB-C cables and we can say with certainty they are not all the same.In fact,we noticed huge performance differences among cables both in regards to charging devices and transferring data.

100W Super Fast Charging Cable,This Apphone 100w USB c to USB c cable supports PD3.0 and QC 3.0 fast charging,up to 20V/5A(100W),58%faster than that of a 60W charging cable.Incredibly fast charging your Samsung S22 up to 89%in 35mins.Pair with a 100w charger,the cable will charge Macbook Pro 16”up to 38%in 30mins.Saving you a lot of time.(*NOTE:The actual charging speed depends both on your device and wall charger.”)The Apphone type c to type cable is made of the premium aluminum connector,nylon braided shield,and durable military fiber,which can withstand up to 40,000+bends in the test.The tensile strength increased by 200%,which improves durability while ensuring no entanglement,much more durable than other products.we saw solid performance in both reaching 100-watt charge rates for a laptop,and very low resistance on its high-quality wires makes it our top pick for a 6-foot charging cable from a brand you haven’t heard of.If you have outlets located far from your bed or sofa,or if you prefer to walk around while talking on the phone,this 10 ft cable gives you the freedom to charge from anywhere in the room.

From a high level, a USB Type C connector follows the physical connector standard. This physical standard is designed to meet the power delivery standard up to 100 W, which opens up USB to a new realm of power opportunities. USB-C cables suitable for charging,and those suitable for both charging and fast data transfer.If this is the case for you,you might notice that the USB cable doesn’t confidently snap into place anymore,or you might have trouble charging your phone.If so,it’s time to clean the USB-C port.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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