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USB Type-C Cable Fast Charging

USB-C Cables Guide.USB-C,or USB Type-C,to give it its proper title,is a common connector standard that’s been appearing on electronic devices over the past few years.Easily sync and charge your devices with this Type-C USB cable. USB Type C Cables of 2022|Tested by Apphone

USB-C is basically an industry-standard connector for transmitting power and data via a single cable.USB C was developed by USB-IF,the group of companies known for developing,and certifying the USB standard.USB-C can also support lots of different types of data-including video-and power over a single connector,so it’s a really convenient connector design and easy to see why it’s taking over all devices.

Apphone USB Type-C Cable 6ft Fast Charging 3A Quick Charger Cord,Super fast charging time,conforming to the USB Type C Specification version 1.1,56kilohm,standard identification,which ensures a safe charging at 3.0A Maximum.No damage to your legacy USB hub;Perfect 6 feet long cord,enjoying the data sync&charge anywhere and anytime.

High Quality usb type c cable manufacturer, The members of the board of directors at USB-IF are from more than 700 companies including Apple,Microsoft,Samsung,Intel,HP.So one of the reasons why USB-C is so popular is that it is happily accepted by PC manufacturers.

The iPhone still uses Apple’s own proprietary Lightning standard.Apple has changed things up more recently with the iPad Pro and iPad Air now supporting USB-C(to enable faster data connections and compatibility with a wider range of accessories)and it’s really only a matter of time before Apple moves the iPhone to USB-C too.

That’s partly going to be ushered along by the EU ruling,which will likely see Apple move all devices to USB-C to make manufacturing easier,rather than keeping some on Lightning.Apple could drop the cable completely and opt for wireless charging only,but it seems unlikely.

Usb Type c cable manufacturer

USB Type-C cable can solve the issues of many users of USB-compatible devices which they have to deal with.That means to say that the connector is the same across all the brands and types of devices.The C cable can be used with Windows or a Mac,an iPad or Android tablet,or a laptop or desktop,or any other smartphone or iPhone.It’s like one cable or connector for many devices which is so convenient.

USB Type C cable is one single,tiny cable needed to connect various devices.No mess,no different USB cables to be used for various devices you own.When it comes to charging speeds it’s important to remember that both the phone and the charger need to support that speed-if the phone won’t support that 80W charger,you can’t take advantage of the additional power on offer.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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