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iPhone 15 with USB C: Everything you need to know


Apple’s new iPhone 15 series has been fully launched, except for slight upgrades in color and camera functions. The most noteworthy thing is that the new iPhone 15 abandons the lighting connector port in favor of USB C connector. In a sense, Apple may have to do this due to external factors, but the popularity of USB C connectors is the general trend. So what impact does the new Type C port have on iPhone users? Let us answer them one by one below.

IPhone 15 is already on the market?

The iPhone 15 series will be fully launched on September 22, 2023, and Apple fans can already purchase it in major Apple stores. The previously controversial iPhone 15 USB C confirmed.

With the help of the bidirectional characteristics of the Type C port, the USB C iPhone 15 can become a temporary power bank. After connecting two iPhone 15s with a USB C To C cable, the device with low battery will draw power from the other device. However, as Apple’s first entry-level iPhone to provide USB C, it currently only supports 4.5W output power and can only be used for temporary emergency processing.

Differences in USB C connectors between the four iPhone 15 models.

Similar points: All iPhone 15 series use USB Type C connector ports, and all series support PD fast charging of more than 20W (up to 27W).

Difference: iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus USB C connector adopts 2.0 transmission standard port, capable of 480Mbps data transmission. The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max USB C connectors use the USB 3.2 Gen 2 transmission standard port, with speeds up to 10Gbps. This means that the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max can use data cables to record and transfer 4K video to peripheral devices, such as SSD cards.

The causes and consequences of Apple's move to USB C.

Apple has long been an outlier when it comes to connector ports for mobile devices. It has long employed lightning and magsafe ports to keep branded products within a closed system. But new EU regulations are forcing Apple and other electronic device manufacturers to fully adopt USB C ports by the end of 2024. The deadline for laptops is 2026. A series of measures are aimed at reducing electronic waste.

Maybe some Apple fans will be annoyed by this because they spent a lot of money on the Apple Lightning ecosystem. But actually this decision has more pros than cons. Due to the high power supply efficiency of USB C cable, it has become a universal connector for many electronic devices today. People only need to carry a C cable to charge all devices when going out. At the same time, its unique two-way transmission capability supports devices to transmit data and power to each other.

Do iPhone 15 cables still need MFI certification?

MFI certification no longer exists for iPhone 15 cables. Since the iPhone 15 switches to USB C cable, MFI encryption no longer exists. Almost any device with a USB C connector can connect to the iPhone 15 series.

Can my old iPhone data cable still work?

No, old iPhone data cables cannot be used directly with iPhone 15. Because the 15 series no longer comes with a lightning port, that means your old iPhone cable won’t be able to charge the USB C iPhone 15. If you have a USB C to lightning adapter, you can use it temporarily if you don’t have a USB C to C cable.

Need to buy a new charger for iPhone 15?

Since there is only one standard USB C 1M cable in the iPhone 15 box (Please go to our other blog for the specific disassembly of the iPhone 15 original USB-C braided data cable), there is no charger as a gift. You will need to buy a 20W or higher power charger yourself, which is the parameter recommended by Apple for the iPhone 15. Of course, if your iPad or other Apple device’s charger supports a USB C port and a transmission power of more than 20W, it can also charge the iPhone 15. It is worth noting that the current USB C port of iPhone 15 can only receive up to 27W of power. Charging speed data above 20W will have diminishing returns.

usb c iphone 15

How to buy cables for iPhone 15?

If your iPhone 15 cable is accidentally lost or damaged, we will need to purchase a new USB C cable. Usually people usually go to Apple’s official website to buy, but now Apple has canceled the MFI certification. This means that when the budget is limited, we can spend less money to buy matching charging cables from third parties. There are several important factors to consider when purchasing cables:

  • Supports USB 3.2 Gen 2 data transmission standard so that iPhone 15 can achieve optimal transmission efficiency at 10Gdps;
  • Supports power transmission above 20W. When exceeding 60W, it is best to choose cables with E marker chip;
  • USB C to C cable, not USB A cable;
  • Although the technical requirements for the iPhone 15 original line are not high, there are still certain thresholds for most manufacturers. It is crucial to choose a reliable USB cable manufacturer.

Each consumer can decide for themselves whether to use a third-party USB C cable with their iPhone 15. APPHONE has conducted detailed disassembly and testing of the iPhone 15 original data cable. I am very clear about Apple’s configuration requirements and positioning of this data cable. We have the ability to mass-produce the best cables suitable for iPhone 15, and can also provide customized production services in length, color and function according to user needs.

Can I use my iPad or Mac cable to connect to my iPhone 15?

Although in theory, USB C cables from other Apple devices can connect to the iPhone 15. I’m not sure which version of your iPad or Mac you have, and I don’t recommend using other Apple device cables to connect your iPhone 15. Because different devices support different data transmission efficiencies and fast charging versions, we recommend that you still use a new USB C to C original cable for charging. If you happen to not have an original iPhone 15 cable around, you need to know the data transmission version and power wattage supported by your USB C cable. It is recommended that you choose a USB C cable that matches the iPhone 15 device transmission version and has an E marker chip to better protect your iPhone 15.

Apple iphone 15 usb type c
Apple iphone 15 usb type c

USB C accessories for iPhone15.

I believe you can already tell from the above content: The iPhone 15 series is compatible with most USB C electronic accessories you already own, but the data transmission efficiency will be negotiated based on the transmission standard on the connector. Specific electronic accessories are as follows:

  • Connect a camera to input better picture quality;
  • Connect a microphone to record better audio;
  • Connect limited game controllers to get a better sense of game control;
  • Supports 4K 60Hz display for a better viewing experience;
  • More: storage devices, wired headsets, card readers, multi-port adapters and Carplay vehicles, etc.

For now, iPhone 15 and subsequent versions of USB C are still in a stage of development, and there is still huge room for development. After all, the current USB C connector has been developed very advanced in terms of data transmission protocol and PD charging performance. I believe that with Apple’s influence and market size, if it intends to promote USB C cables, more applications and accessories will enter the market and reach users. Let us wait and see whether Apple will change the lightning port of Apple devices such as Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, AirPods Max and Magic Keyboard to USB C in the future.

To ensure your iPhone 15 reaches its full potential, it’s crucial to choose a quality USB Type-C cable. As a professional iPhone 15 USB C cable manufacturer, we understand the importance of this technology and are committed to providing you with the most advanced connection solutions. Our products not only meet the latest technical requirements, they also undergo strict quality control to ensure you get the best performance and reliability. If you are interested in our iPhone 15 USB-C cable products or have any customization needs, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to providing you with an exceptional connectivity experience.

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