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Disassembling the original Apple iPhone 15 USB C 60W braid data cable

Original Apple iPhone 15 USB C data cable APPHONE

The Apple iPhone 15 series has been fully launched on September 22, 2023. APPHONE has previously introduced the relevant knowledge of iPhone 15 USB C cable. Now let us dismantle an original data cable included in the iPhone 15 mobile phone packaging to help everyone better understand its technical structure and information.

iPhone 15 original data cable

The iPhone 15 original data cable is bundled with paper tape to implement the concept of environmental protection.

original iPhone 15 cable

Currently, the original iPhone 15 cable is only available in white version. The appearance design is the same as the A2795 model USB C charging cable previously retailed by Apple.

braided jacket material cable

The cable is made of braided jacket material and is very tight, not easily damaged making the cable more durable. It feels slightly hard.

white plastic case

The connectors at both ends of the iPhone 15 original cable are made of white plastic shells, with semi-curved designs on both sides (to avoid excessive angles), and the surface is glossy.

connection between cable and wire head

The connection between the cable body and the wire head is designed without a net tail.

Laser engraving

The product model number (A2795), origin number and serial number are laser-engraved on the metal shell of the USB C male connector of the cable.

C-type connector

The C-type connector has a non-full PIN design inside, and the pins are gold-plated to enhance connection stability.

iPhone 15 cable length

The measured original cable length of iPhone 15 is standard 1M.

diameter of the cable

The diameter of the cable body is 3.17MM, which is smaller than the 240W 2M USB C fast charging cable currently sold by Apple.

cable weight iPhone 15 cable

The measured cable weight is about 19g.

Function Test

The cable measured using Charger LAB POWER-Z does not have a built-in E-Marker chip.

voltage drop test

IPhone 15 original data cable voltage drop test:
The difference between 5/9/12/15/20V 1A gear is 0.19V; the difference between 5/9/12/15/20V 3A gear is 0.58V;

iPhone 15 PD 3.0 60W fast charging protocol

The highest peak value in the test using the iPhone 15 original data cable and Apple’s original 60W charger to charge the MacBook Pro was about 57W. Note that this cable supports PD 3.0 60W fast charging protocol.

data transfer speed iPhone 15 cable

Use Disk Speed Test to test the data transfer speed on Mac:
The measured writing speed is ≈38MB/s; the reading speed is ≈40MB/s. Complies with USB 2.0 data transmission standard.

Deep teardown.

Port disassembly

Laser welded steel sleeve

The iPhone 15 cable USB C connector has an internal laser welded steel sleeve for positioning protection. The front is filled with a plastic ring + the tail is filled with sealant.

Terminal PCB front

After opening the steel sleeve, you can see that the connection wires are soldered on the front side of the terminal PCB and filled with glue for fixation.

Terminal PCB back

The E-Marker chip pad is reserved on the back (there is no built-in E-Marker chip)

Apple specific grounding pin

Cut open the USB C metal socket shell of the original Apple iPhone 15 cable, and you can see two Apple-specific grounding pins inside.

disassemble the iPhone 15 port connector

Continuing to disassemble the iPhone 15 port connector, you can see that its gold-plated terminal is not a full PIN design.

Cross section of iPhone 15 original data cable

Through the cross-section of the original data cable of Apple iPhone 15, you can see that the outermost braided cable adopts a twisted design. There is no looseness after the cable is cut.

shielding net iPhone 15 cable

After dissecting the braid layer and TPE layer in sequence, there is a layer of winding shielding net inside.

power wire cores and data wire cores

Inside the shielding net are power wire cores and data wire cores, which are also filled with anti-tensile wire rotation and winding. (Compared with our previous data cable structure analysis blog, we can find that the aluminum foil layer of the iPhone 15 original cable has been removed)

positive power wire cores

The three positive power wire cores are made of tinned copper wires and have no tensile strength wires inside.

Blue CC wire iPhone 15 cable

Blue CC wire, there is no tensile wire inside.

data transmission cable iPhone 15

Data cable for USB 2.0 data transmission: green is D+ core, white is D- core. There are no tensile wires inside.

Negative bare wire core

The six negative bare wire cores are tinned copper wires.

The process of disassembling the iPhone 15 USB-C cable reveals the exquisite craftsmanship of Apple’s engineering team in design and manufacturing. The original cable of Apple iPhone 15 is 1M in length and supports USB 2.0 data transmission version and PD 3.0 60W fast charging protocol. The outer jacket is made of woven material, which optimizes the cracking and skin breakage of traditional Lightning Cable. However, compared with the retail version of the same model cable, the internal aluminum foil shielding layer is removed and there is no built-in E-Marker chip.

There are various indications that Apple has not adopted encryption measures for the USB C data cable, and any USB C cable that supports the above standards can charge the iPhone 15 normally. As an experienced USB cable manufacturer, APPHONE understands the importance of connectivity and has the ability to mass produce high-quality cables that meet the data transmission and charging performance of iPhone 15 for you. We also support customized manufacturing of length and appearance. If you are interested in our cable products or have any specific needs, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to continuing to provide you with superior connectivity solutions.

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