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MFi is an acronym for Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad. It is a program that every producer of accessories for these devices has to undergo before Apple can approve their accessories. MFi certification and rigorous testing ensure a safe charge with full fast-charging compatibility for your Apple devices. MFi Lightning to USB iPhone charger cable– Apphone

MFi is here to assure products’ performance, safety, specifications, and to avoid problems and failures that may occur during the use of your Apple products. MFi eliminates issues such as unable to transfer data, slow charging and data transfer speed, cable malfunctions after an upgrade, low durability, communication interferences, swollen battery or the worst of all, battery explosion. Apple’s Lightning charging technology is one of the best features of iPhones, It’s fast, convenient, versatile, reliable, and affordable, and it’s sure to make your life easier. Ensure you get your iPhone accessories, especially the Lightning charger, from a trusted store.

Lightning cables mfi authorized manufacturers, Apple sells those chargers and cables itself if you want to buy an official one, though it is expensive for what you get. For a third-party alternative, just search your favorite digital store for fast charging, USB-C, 18W charger. Just as important a step on your iPhone X fast charging journey is the cable that transmits the power. Cable Matters has a number of great options, but the best is this premium USB-C to Lightning cable. It’s fully MFi certified and is made of durable materials to make sure that it won’t fray, or tangle easily.

The USB-A to Lightning is a much more widely used and recoginsable cable, Making use of the traditional USB-A connection, this type of cable utilises USB 2.0 technology. As a result of older technology, these cables are not capable of the fast charging times that USB-C cables are capable of.

Looking for additional cables, chargers and accessories, check out our phone essentials page. High-quality thick copper wire enhance charging and data transfer speed of the apple chargers for iPhone. It’s not only fast but also safe. Charging and data transfer can be performed simultaneously. The Apphone MFI lightning cable built with Apple chips to ensure 100% compatibility with iPhone. We promise it full support with all iOS versions and no warning message pops up. Enjoy fast data transfer, syncing and charging,while also ensuring safety.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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