Strong Nylon Braided iPhone Charger Cable- Lightning cable wholesale

Apple mif certified Cable

Users with iPhones will certainly struggle with one thing,that is,how to choose a data cable.If you’ve never understood what the MFi certified label on Apple chargers and accessories means,this article has got you covered. Strong Nylon Braided iPhone Charger Cable-Lightning cable wholesale

Apphone Lightning cable wholesale,Special Design with Incredible Durability,Nylon Braided,multi-layer shielding and heat-resistant alloy cable head ensure maximum performance with a rated 40000+Bend Lifespan,provides higher durability and increased flexibility with tangle-free,convenient,lightweight and easily coiled,won’t easily fall out of your devices.

MFi certified 8 pin Lightning cable,High-quality four-core copper wires enhance charging&data transfer speed of the cables.Ensure a maximum charging speed up to 2.4A,charge faster than most standard cables and work better for tablets and quick charge devices.Great performance ensures your devices syncs and charge simultaneously with up to 480Mb/s transferring speed.

It is well known that Apple’s original charging cable quality is worrying,although the appearance is high,feel the texture is also good,but the outer skin aging very quickly,often a year did not arrive,the line is peeling.Producing an MFi data cable is actually not as simple as we think.After getting the MFi certification from Apple,the production starts.To produce a Lightning data cable,there are 32 processes,and it takes 45 workers on the assembly line to make it.First is the winding of the wire,the purpose is to facilitate the post-sequence pull-down operation.Set the length of the peeling outer quilt(skin),and then adjust the machine for USB A-end peeling.

Because MFi certification for Apple is the quality control restrictions on accessory manufacturers to ensure that accessory manufacturers produce products that meet their own standards but also to charge a certification fee.So MFi certified products usually sell at a higher price,for both reasons.

MFi Certified products come in all shapes and sizes.They can range from cases to cables.When it comes to non-MFi Apple data cables,in the past,they were almost not spared from lying down and striking after the system upgrade of the device.But now it seems that there are some data cables on the market that use cracked chips,which can make the device upgrade still support the charging and data reading and writing of the data cable.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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