How We PICKED THE BEST Usb-c Cables- Apphone Usb c pd charger

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Best USB-C PD Chargers for 2022.Need to charge your phone?There are many reasons why USB-C charging is being implemented. With everything charging through a standard USB connection, USB-C ports are even being used as charging ports for Google’s Chromebook Pixel and Apple’s new MacBook.  How We PICKED THE BEST Usb-c Cables-Apphone Usb c pd charger

Many people own far too many devices to be carrying around a separate cable and charger for each one.All the space that your gadgets already take up,you don’t need even more space taken up by power bricks and cables.You’re probably thinking to yourself,“Aren’t all USB-C cables more or less the same?”In many ways,yes.A USB-C cable will either work,or it won’t.Still,there are a few aspects to consider when picking out a cable you can depend on.Apphone custom cable assembly manufacturers have 15 years’experience on custom usb cables,Connectors and chargers.

Best Type C Cable

Durability:This is the most important aspect when choosing a USB-C cable.After all,is there anything more frustrating than when your cable won’t connect your phone to a charger or PC?It may even spur a panic.“Is my device broken?”No,cords sometimes just give out,especially if they’re prone to wear and tear.Even with heavy use,the best USB-C cables will last at least a couple of years.

Cables with USB‑C plugs on each end must be capable of handling 21 V and at least 3 A.Cables that incorporate special e-marker ICs can carry 5 A of current.Any device placed in the path of power,especially protection devices,must also be capable of withstanding these levels of voltage and current.Your specific needs may vary,but in general,you want a cord that is at least three feet.Longer is usually better and allows you to keep cords nearby when a power supply is out of reach.

From a safety standpoint,USB‑C cables must be capable of carrying appropriate voltages and currents.For chargers with captive or fixed cables,the cables must be capable of handling the charger’s maximum voltage output.The difference between a good USB-C cable and one of the best most of the time depends on what these accessories are made of.A cable built with long-lasting materials and some design sense will usually be more dependable than a bargain-bin offering you nab in the checkout line at an electronics store.

In any charging system,three individual items must work together—the device being charged,the cable,and the charger.If you’re looking for the best USB-C charger cable and adapter,Apphone has 15 years of data line production and customization experience,after-sales professional consultants,for you to solve questions.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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