Wholesale USB A to Type C Cable Fast Charging Charger

USB A to Type C Cable

USB-C has already been adopted by many PCs,tablets,and smartphones,as well as peripheral devices like monitors,flash drives,and hard drives.Wholesale USB A to Type C Cable Fast Charging Charger

The USB Power Delivery(USB-PD)and USB Type-C Connectors and Cable Assemblies specifications developed by the USB Implementers Forum(USB-IF)are central to the latest generation of wired charging solutions.The USB Power Delivery Specification enables the maximum functionality of USB by providing more flexible power delivery along with data over a single cable.

USB A to Type C Cable Factory, Apphone USB C Cable,USB-C Charger Cable meets all your demands in daily life and makes your life more convenient.Keep a cable in your bag,car,home and office as a backup.USB-C thrives on blazing transfer speeds.Heavy duty nylon-braided jacket with premium flexible make it easy to sort out and aviod knoting or tangling.CLEEFUN USB A to USB C cable support QC 4.0/3.0 3A max Fast Charging(faster compared with other cables which provide 5V/2.4A output).Apphone apple USB C cable also supports USB 2.0 for data transferring and syncing between various USB-C devices.

Type C Usb Cable

Nearly every phone or laptop comes with a USB-C port these days.The popular connector is creating waves in the electronics world and is steadily wiping out other port types.USB‑C cables must be capable of carrying appropriate voltages and currents.For chargers with captive or fixed cables,the cables must be capable of handling the charger’s maximum voltage output.Cables with USB‑C plugs on each end must be capable of handling 21 V and at least 3 A.Cables that incorporate special e-marker ICs can carry 5 A of current.Any device placed in the path of power,especially protection devices,must also be capable of withstanding these levels of voltage and current.

You can plug in a USB Type-C either way.Unlike older USB cables,it doesn’t matter which side is up with a USB-C.Meanwhile,the round edges allow for faster device connection.In addition,if your phone comes with a USB-C port,it will charge pretty quickly,thanks to the Type-C port’s remarkable power delivery. All our fast-charging accessories are certified USB Power Delivery, meaning it offers a safe and effective charge for your device. Plus, most of our fast-charging products also come with a one-year warranty.

While USB Type-C refers to the reversible connector type,the bandwidth capabilities rely on the protocol support which ranges from USB 2.0 at a measly 480 Mbps all the way up to 40Gbps with a Thunderbolt 3,Thunderbolt 4,or USB4 cable.You’ll find USB-C 2.0 ports on some smartphones and tablets which is good for charging and syncing.On the other end of the spectrum,you’ll find Thunderbolt 3 ports on high-end computers such as the MacBook Pro.


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