Apple MFi Certified Charging Cables Cord for iPhone- Lightning cable wholesale

Apple mif certified Cable

MFi certification for Apple is the quality control restrictions on accessory manufacturers to ensure that accessory manufacturers produce products that meet their own standards but also to charge a certification fee. Apple MFi Certified Charging Cables Cord for iPhone- Lightning cable wholesale

Users with iPhones will certainly struggle with one thing, that is, how to choose a data cable. It is well known that Apple’s original charging cable quality is worrying, although the appearance is high, feel the texture is also good, but the outer skin aging very quickly, often a year did not arrive, the line is peeling.

People claim that charging your phone overnight will be a fire hazard, but in truth, once the phone is fully charged, it stops taking in new energy and merely maintains a full charge until you wake up. It is perfectly safe to use your iPhone or tablet when charging up, providing you are using a reliable and secure lightning cable to charge your device. If your lightning cable breaks for whatever reason, don’t worry about it. Send it into and they’ll replace it so long that it falls under the lifetime guarantee. That’s a lifetime warranty!

MFi (Made for iOS) certification is a kind of license mark that Apple authorizes the production of for accessory manufacturers.

USB-C has become the standard connector for a number of major phones, tablets and laptops. MFi is an acronym for Apple Made for iOS and is a kind of permission mark for Apple to use for the authorized production of accessory manufacturers.

Apple’s own iPhone charger or you have another branded version (always Apple-certified, we hope) you’ll eventually end up with the same kind of issues. Most of the time it’s the iPhone charger’s cable that’s to blame. Problems can occur hidden inside most cables, with wires coming loose and connectors moving. Sometimes you’ll be able to see the damage on the cable, with exposed or frayed wires near the connection port. Apple accessories that have passed the MFi certification have certain restrictions on the quality of their components and production processes, and Apple will not provide an after-sales warranty for products damaged by using accessories that have not passed the certification. Apple data cables are used for data transfer, in addition to charging.

Cheap cables are fire hazards. They can be a lot of trouble. This cable is available at a cheap cost but the design and technology itself are as high quality as anything else. It charges your smartphone quickly and effectively. Apple signed off on the design which makes it equal in our books to any other lightning cable on the market. Apple’s MFI certification process isn’t an easy pass. It requires several quality standards to be met.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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