USB-A to USB-C Cable Apphone usb-c charging cable

usb-c charging cable

The Type C cable is more advanced than any other USB cable. USB-C cables are very efficient in the transfer of both power and data. Unlike proprietary competitors, USB-C cords are versatile, so either end can be plugged into a power source and the device. Buy Apphone USB-C Cables for fast charging smartphones, tablets, laptops, Nintendo Switch, & more. USB-A to USB-C Cable Apphone usb-c charging cable

USB-C can also support lots of different types of data – including video – and power over a single connector, so it’s a really convenient connector design and easy to see why it’s taking over all devices. Apphone USB A to USB C cable Compatible with any Type A charging adaptor, multiport charging station or power bank.The user-friendly design allows you to plug into all USB Type-C compatible devices . Meeting all your needs, this item comes with the proper size you need most – Two 3.3ft for charging in the kitchen, car or office, or comfortably lying in bed or on the couch for long distance charging.

Practically every modern device, from smartphones to laptops, features built-in fast charging technology to give it the boost it needs as swiftly as possible when combined with a fast charger cable or accessory. From Quick Charge technology to the Qi standard for wireless charging, fast chargers can put out anywhere from 10 to 65 watts (although, technically speaking, anything over 2.5 watts is considered fast charging), powering up phones and laptops in half an hour or one hour’s time.

Upgraded 3D aluminum connector and exclusive laser welding technology makes the shell surface harder and more wearable. The longer SR anti-break design enhances the durability of the cable. With 10000+ times bend test,more durable with best price for long life usage.This USB-C cable has electronic safety certifications ensures 2.4A~5.0A safe charging (Pullup resistor – 56k) and safety of your gadgets.

Most fast charging cables and accessories will state it right on the package, too. Many cable manufacturers will simply label fast chargers and offer a description indicating what it’s capable of. Numerous different standards, such as the USB 3.1 and 3.2 standards that we just mentioned, have been introduced. Thus, when purchasing USB-C equipment, it’s especially important to check that it’s designed for compatibility with the correct USB standards. Many people still don’t have a device with a USB-C port, and it’s not always practical or efficient to rely on the use of USB-A to USB-C converters.

Cables are often a source of frustration and confusion, especially when it seems like they are faulty, broken or they are not working properly. USB charging cables do not transfer data and cannot recognize an external device. If you don’t want to transfer data, then a fast-charging cable is the perfect option for you because charging with a USB charging cable is almost always faster.


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