Apple Lightning to USB C Cable-USB-C or Lightning Charger

Lightning to USB C Cable

Lightning and USB-C cables with an Apple iPhone on a black background.As you may know,its very likely that Apple will release the new USB-C to Lightning cable for charging your iPhone later this year,plus,iMac,iPad Pro. Apple Lightning to USB C Cable– USB C or Lightning Charger

Seeing as more Android phones come with USB-C ports than iPhone models with Lightning,there’s reason to believe Apple may finally make the switch to USB-C.The tech giant already introduced USB-C connectivity in a number of its products,including the recent iPad Pro and iPad Air.

Lightning Charging Cables

Apple’s upcoming iPhone models may drop the Lightning port in favor of USB-C connectivity as upcoming legislation from the European Commission may force the Cupertino-based tech giant to make the switch.We think a USB-C–to–Lightning cable(paired with a USB-C charger)is the best way for most people to charge their Apple devices.Lightning cables might have more issues with dirty exposed pins or damaged wiring,but it’s less likely that stresses on the cable will lead to a damaged phone port.

Made with original Apple Chip,Ximytec type C to Lightning cables full support with iOS versions and all future updates.They adopt the latest and faster charging C94 lightning terminal design,and built-in overvoltage protection ensure your Apple devices are charged safely,at their fastest possible speed.

Apple Lightning to USB cable can connect directly to your computer or laptop for easy charging and data transfers.It can also be used with any USB power adapter.In short,buy Apple-made,or MFi certified Lightning cables.Choose C to Lightning cables if you want fast charging.Save well over 50%of the Apple Store price for a like for like product!This Genuine Apple Lightning Cable is used for both syncing and charging iPhones and iPads.

You can find Lightning cables with lengths ranging from one to ten feet—this is where the use case comes in.If you use an iPhone,you need a Lightning cable.Apple’s cables are ubiquitous,but they aren’t exactly known for durability.

The familiar straight connector is what most people are used to,but some cables have a right-angle connector that can handle more stress and make the phone more comfortable to hold while it’s charging.iOS users went through a connector transition several years ago,moving from the wide,flat,30 pin dock connector to the smaller lightning connector.Now the rest of the smartphone industry is migrating to USB Type C. If neither a reset nor any work on your iPhone’s hardware has fixed the problem, you might need to try resorting to a DFU restore. Restoring your iPhone means to erase all personal data saved on the phone, essentially performing a factory reset.

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