USB C to Lightning Cable- The Apphone Apple MFi Certified

USB C to Lightning Cable

Fast charging and durable design make our cables a reliable choice for your iPhone. Get the most out of your charging with our durable and long-lasting cords. The best Lightning cable for USB-C ports: Apphone USB-C to Lightning Cable. USB C to Lightning Cable- The Apphone Apple MFi Certified

A Lightning cable’s most basic function is to charge your iPhone. Depending on when and where you charge, and whether you tend to keep using the phone while it’s charging, you may want a shorter or longer cable. You can find Lightning cables with lengths ranging from one to ten feet — this is where the use case comes in. If you often charge your phone while driving, you may want a shorter cable for your car, but if you sometimes need to charge your phone while playing mobile games or slouching far away from an outlet, you may want a longer option.

Modern Apple devices, like iPhones and iPads, often have an entirely different kind of USB connector – the Lightning cable. It is also reversible, i.e., it can be plugged in either way without worrying about which is the right side up. As you can imagine, the design of the lightning connector makes it impossible to be used in any other device other than Apple devices, which makes it a nuisance for many users.

Apphone Fast charging USB C to Lightning Cable, Charge your iPhone from 0% to 60% in just 30 mins. The charging speed is 3X faster than the USB A to Lightning cable. iphone charging cable with reinforced joint design that have passed 15,000 times bending tests for extra protection and durability. The solid and durable two-shade armor shield gives the iphone charging cable cord stronger performance than other iphone lightning cable.

Usb c to lightning cable manufacturer, The USB-C connector is becoming dominant on newer devices and is smaller and sleeker by comparison. The latest iPhones come with USB-C–to–Lightning cables, as Apple and the tech industry at large are shifting away from the older USB-A connectors. If you’re not familiar with USB-C, it’s more powerful than USB-A and can charge devices much faster.

Apple’s cables are ubiquitous — even though they no longer ship new iPhones with a charging brick or wired headphones, the company still includes a Lightning cable in the box. Made with original Apple Chip, MAILESI type C to Lightning cables full support with iOS versions and all future updates. They adopt the latest and faster charging C94 lightning terminal design,and built-in overvoltage protection ensure your Apple devices are charged safely, at their fastest possible speed.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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