USB Type-C Cable Fast Charging 3A Quick Charger- Type c cable Wholesale

USB Type-C Cable Fast Charging

USB C is becoming a universal connector as it is being used in every electronic device.Not only will this create handiness for consumers,but it will also reduce the generation of e-waste. USB Type-C Cable Fast Charging 3A Quick Charger-Type c cable Wholesale

Whether you’re using it for data transfer or charging a phone, tablet or laptop, a USB-C cable is a pretty crucial accessory. Some Type c Cable supports PD 3.0&QC 3.0 fast charging,Max output up to 20V/3A,suit with USB-C adapters such as 18W/30W/45W/60W.USB 2.0 supports data transfer speed up to 480Mbps(40~60MB/S).NOTE:CANNOT reach the speed of usb 3.0 or thunderbolt 3,and CANNOT output video signal as well.

Manufacturers of computer hardware and software are including USB-C connections in the majority of their most recent flagship products.For example,a USB-C cable can be used to attach a desktop computer to an external display.

If you bought any electronic gadget recently,it probably has a USB-C port.Not too long ago,all smartphones and tablets came with Micro-USB,but that tiny hole at the bottom of your gadgets has now evolved into something much more powerful and useful. a USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps) cable (formerly USB 3.1 Gen 2) has a theoretical bandwidth of 10Gbps, which equates to 1250MB/sec. But the speed in real life is always slower than the theoretical speed. You can check out some of the real-world results here.

Usb type c Cable Supplier

You might think it’s intimidating,but we’re here to help you figure out what’s the difference between one USB-C wire and another,what makes a Type-C cable better than the rest,and all the important bits such as wattage,length,and data transfer speeds.However,due to its data transmission rate and power capacity,USB Type C can connect to even more virtual devices,like high-resolution interactive visual displays.USB Type C,for example,enables 8K resolution&10-bit color,making it an excellent alternative to HDMI in some high-end monitors like LG Ultrafine 4K UHD IPS Monitor.

If you’ve bought a new phone,tablet,or laptop in the last couple of years,it probably has a USB-C port—it’s what makes fast charging and fast data transfer possible.The exception is the iPhone,which still uses a Lightning connector.We’ll compare both later in the article.

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