Apple Lightning to USB Cable White- Apphone MFi Certified Lightning Cable

Apple Lightning to USB Cable

Choose a USB to lightning cable to connect to common Apple devices,such as an iPhone or iPad.If you use an iPhone,you need a Lightning cable. Apple Lightning to USB Cable White-Apphone MFi Certified Lightning Cable

Apple MFi Certified Premium Braided Lightning Cables connect,charge,or sync your smartphone or tablet with premium quality dual shielded Tech Armor cables.Each Apple Lightning cable contains an authorization chip issued to ensure 100%compatibility with iPhone.ensures that your lightning devices are loaded and charge safely and faster at maximum speed. A strong apple data line should first look at its external material, the common external material is PVC, TPE, nylon and so on. PVC material is hard, poor elasticity, many cheap data lines are this; TPE material is used more on the original data line, which is flexible but not strong enough. Some high quality third party data line with nylon material, feel, texture to a level.

Apple’s cables are ubiquitous—even though they no longer ship new iPhones with a charging brick or wired headphones,the company still includes a Lightning cable in the box.But they aren’t exactly known for durability.Some iPhone Charger Designed and built with premium materials,it has been tested to withstand at least 15000 cycles of 95 degree bend and 10000 plugging and unplugging lifespan which is 12 times stronger than original device cables.

So long Apple Lightning charger.As much as we love Apple,its Lightning chargers can be a real headache.The pesky cords only work on Apple products and that often means having to carry around more cables than you’d like to avoid losing juice.Premium specialty cables for connecting your smartphone,tablets,and other devices to just about anything that will connect to USB!For a dual threat,we’ve combined our signature Lightning Cable with a Micro USB connector all in one cable,or check out our 3-in-1 charge cable that includes a USB-C(Type C)connection.

Apple Lightning Cable Factory

A Lightning cable’s most basic function is to charge your iPhone.Depending on when and where you charge,and whether you tend to keep using the phone while it’s charging,you may want a shorter or longer cable.You can find Lightning cables with lengths ranging from one to ten feet—this is where the use case comes in.If you often charge your phone while driving,you may want a shorter cable for your car,but if you sometimes need to charge your phone while playing mobile games or slouching far away from an outlet,you may want a longer option.

Apphone Officially MFi certified apple lightning cable,juice your iPhone anytime at full speed via the durable high grade USB-C to Lightning cable.perfect cord length to meet the widest range of needs.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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