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Disassembly report: 20000mAh 35W fast charging mobile power supply

20000mAh 35W fast charging mobile power supply APPHONE

When it comes to fast charging technology, it has not only become a standard feature in consumer electronics, but it is constantly being upgraded and improved. Take the iPhone as an example. From the 18-watt charging of the early iPhone 8 to the current fourth-generation iPhone 14, it has been upgraded to a maximum of 27-watt charging, and the charging speed is getting faster and faster. But what happens if you consider the mobile power supply, which is a powerful assistant for mobile phone battery life?

APPHONE recently launched a 35-watt mobile super-fast charging source, which is rare in the market. It has an astonishing 20,000 mAh of power while providing up to 35 watts of charging power. It is worth mentioning that this mobile power supply has catered to the market trend and has been upgraded to a USB-C interface, which meets the upgraded charging requirements proposed at the recent iPhone 15 launch conference, as well as the high-power wired charging requirements of Pro series models. This time, APPHONE has once again subverted the market’s perception of mobile power charging speed, providing users with a faster and more efficient charging experience.

For users who are about to buy the iPhone 15 series or Huawei Mate 60 series, this super fast charging source will become their charging partner, providing fast and reliable energy supply for their devices. Whether you are doing outdoor activities or traveling, you can ensure that your device remains in high-energy status at all times. This is the charm of fast charging technology, which makes our lives more convenient and worry-free.

Product features of this fast charging mobile power supply.

  • Higher power:This compact power bank has a lot of energy! It supports PD fast charging output of up to 35 watts and PPS fast charging output of 33 watts, which is nearly 200% more powerful than ordinary 18-watt products. This means you can charge your device faster, which is perfect for the newly released iPhone 15, and also contributes to the popularity of two-way 35W fast charging technology.
  • Higher battery capacity: This mobile power supply also has a large capacity, up to 20,000 mAh (mAh). Not only does this mean you can charge your phone multiple times, but it can also power a business traveler’s laptop. In addition to charging high-power devices, it also intelligently identifies the device power and can easily charge low-current devices such as smart watches, wireless headphones, sports bracelets, and portable fans.
  • Multiple connector interfaces:This “super charging” mobile power supply is not only powerful, but also very versatile. It is equipped with three USB interfaces, of which USB-A1/A2 supports a single port of 22.5 watts of fast charging output, while USB-C supports a single port of 35 watts of fast charging output. This means you can charge three devices at the same time, no more waiting in line for a chance to charge. This is the joy of charging! For comprehensive knowledge of PCB connectors, please visit our corresponding blog.

Below we will dismantle this mobile power supply and take a look at the internal production plan and materials.

Extremely fast 35W mobile power supply appearance report.

Comes with C to C data cable

The data cable that comes with the product is a C to C short cable with a regular white color scheme. The short cable concept design is convenient for users to carry and use while charging.

Mobile power shell

This mobile power bank is made of PC fire-proof material with white coating and matte surface treatment. The surface is matte and anti-fingerprint. The corners are rounded and not irritating to hold. The overall design style is simple.

Body power button

There is a power button on one side of the fuselage, and a groove is designed in the middle area of the casing.

Indicator lights

Press the power button and the battery indicator light on the top will light up white.

Micro USB female connector

There is a Micro USB female connector on the other side of the fuselage. Configuring such an interface can be well adapted to the use of old equipment, and it is well thought out.

Three bi-directional connector ports

The three interface rubber cores all adopt the USB3.2 specification transmission standard, and the orange color is very conspicuous. The front end of the fuselage is equipped with three USB interfaces 2A1C. The corresponding input/output, sequence and power labels are printed next to the interfaces to facilitate users to intuitively understand each interface.

Mobile power parameters

The mobile power supply parameters are printed on the bottom shell of the fuselage.

  • Model: YSPBE20-35;
  • Battery type: Lithium polymer battery;
  • Lithium battery energy: 20000mAh (74Wh);
  • Rated capacity: 12000mAh (5V3A);
  • Micro USB input: 5V2A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A;
  • Type-C input: 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V2.89A, 15V2.28A, 20V1.75A;
  • Type-C output: 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V2.91A, 15V2.33A, 20V1.75A;
  • USB-A1/A2 output: 5V3A, 9V2A, 10V2.25A, 12V1.5A;
  • USB-A+Type-C total output: 5V3A(Max);
  • The product has passed FCC and CE certification.

Mobile power supply body size

The body length of the mobile power supply is 140.51mm. Width is 68.71mm. The thickness is 29.31mm.

Mobile power net weight

The net weight of the mobile power supply is approximately 417g.

USB C port protocol

The USB Type C port supports Samsung 5V2A, DCP, QC2.0/3.0/4+, AFC, FCS, SCP, PD3.0, and PPS charging protocols.

USB C port voltage

The USB C port also has five fixed PD voltage levels of 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V2.91A, 15V2.33A, and 20V1.75A, as well as a set of PPS voltage levels of 3.3-11V3A.

USB A port protocol

The USB-A1/A2 port supports Samsung 5V2A, DCP, QC2.0/3.0, AFC, FCS, and SCP charging protocols.

After reading the unboxing and testing of this 35W mobile power supply, let’s disassemble it and take a look at the technical design and materials of this super charging mobile power supply.

Internal layout

Pry open the mobile power supply casing along the seams of the casing, and paste the highland barley paper insulation on the internal battery and the foam buffer. The PCBA module and battery pack are placed opposite each other inside.

NTC thermistor

The PCBA module is connected by wire welding, and an NTC thermistor is welded to detect the battery temperature.

PCBA module

The PCBA module is fixed inside the casing with screws.

Open cell foam

The battery indicator light uses foam openings to block light.

Solder connection

The battery pack and PCBA control module are connected through wire welding.

Battery pack

The battery pack is composed of two cells connected in series, with a protective plate on one side and highland barley paper insulation protection on both sides.
The battery thickness is 12mm, the width is 60mm, and the length is 110mm.

Battery protection PCB

Underneath the highland barley paper is the battery protection plate, which is connected to the battery tabs by welding.

Battery protection chip

Battery protection chip: Model 21AMCO.

Battery protection core control

The battery protection tube comes from Core Control Source, model AGM302A1, NMOS, withstand voltage 30V, and adopts DFN5*6 package.

PCBA module front

At a glance from the front of the PCBA module, USB-A, USB-C and Micro USB sockets are welded on the front, as well as the buck-boost SOC chip, magnetic ring inductor, filter capacitor and VBUS switch tube.

PCBA module back

The power indicator light, NTC thermistor, synchronous step-up and step-down switch tube are welded on the back of the PCBA module, and corresponding to the dense via holes on the back of the main control chip, exposed copper and tin are added to enhance the heat dissipation performance.

Fast charging mobile power SOC

The mobile power supply has built-in water core electronics M12229 single-channel fast charging mobile power SOC. The chip integrates a high-efficiency digital synchronous switch Buck-Boost converter with a switching frequency of up to 1MHz; a maximum input/output power of 35W. It has built-in fast charging protocol and SOC algorithm and supports line loss. Compensation, supports CC/CV power mode.

  • M12229 supports 2 strings of battery cells, and the battery cell specifications support 4.2V/4.25V/4.3V/4.4V/4.45V; the chip supports charging current adaptation, the maximum charging current is 3A, integrated battery charge and discharge management module, and built-in battery balancing control , the maximum balancing current is 100mA, convenient for battery pairing.
  • M12229 supports a minimum voltage sampling of 10mV and a voltage output with a precision of 10mV, and maintains high linearity at full scale, rather than the piecewise linearity of most companies. The M12229 pin has a voltage resistance of 48V, supports soft-start function, and has multiple protection measures such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcharge, overdischarge, overtemperature, overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit protection. The chip is packaged in QFN6*6-48.

Synchronous boost and buck switching tube

The synchronous buck-boost switch tube comes from Core Control Source, model AGM306MBQ, which is a dual NMOS, using two to form an H-bridge for voltage conversion.


The inductor is made of magnetic surround and is insulated by heat shrink tube.

Battery terminal solid capacitor

The battery-side filtering solid capacitor is from Xinruilong, with a specification of 220μF 16V.

Output solid capacitor

The output filter solid capacitor specification is 220μF 25V.

VBUS switch tube

The VBUS switch tube used for Micro USB and USB-C interfaces uses the core control source AGM308MBP.

VBUS switch tube-USB-A

The models of VBUS switches used for the two USB-A ports are the same.

LED battery indicator 

A close-up of the four LED power indicators after removing the light-shielding foam.

Power button

Close-up of power detection button, patch welding.

NTC thermistor 2

Close-up of NTC thermistor for detecting battery temperature.

Micro USB female connector 2

Close-up of the Micro USB female connector.

USB-C female

The USB-C female socket is fixed by welding through holes, and the orange rubber core does not expose copper.

USB-A female

The USB-A female base is welded and fixed with a sinking plate to reduce the thickness.

APPHONE’s 35W super-charging mobile power supply adopts a white straight shell design and has a 2A1C output interface. The USB-C interface supports 35W PD fast charging(Click to learn more about the USB PD fast charging protocol), and the USB-A port supports 22.5W fast charging. The power bank also has a Micro USB interface for charging and can be used on laptops, tablets, mobile phones and traditional old-fashioned devices.

Through the above disassembly, we learned that this mobile power bank uses a 2-string battery pack internally and uses the Water Core Electronics M12229 mobile power fast charging SOC chip. This chip is specially designed for 2-string mobile power supplies. The chip integrates synchronization Switching boost and buck converter, battery charge and discharge management module (built-in equalization control), display module, power calculation module, provide 35W input/output power. In addition, a core-controlled source MOS tube is used internally for battery protection, synchronous voltage boosting and bucking and VBUS switching. The battery is equipped with a protection board, with highland barley paper attached to both ends for protection, and an NTC thermistor is used for temperature detection. The overall materials used are reliable and the protection measures are in place.

As our business system becomes larger and larger, APPHONE invests a lot of financial and material resources to research and manufacture reliable and technologically cutting-edge mobile power supplies. If you have any questions about customized mobile power supply production, please feel free to contact us. APPHONE will use our professionalism and resource network to develop products that suit your target needs. Come and connect with us today.

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