Fast charging with a USB-C to lightning cable- Apphone

USB-C to lightning cable

You have a USB-C to Lightning cable to speed up the charging.You can survive from the 5 mins charging before leaving the house when only to find you are 20%battery left.If you need a USB-C–to–Lightning cable and want a right-angle connector,try this one from Apphone.Fast charging with a USB-C to lightning cable-Apphone

Check out your iPhone charging cable.Which type of USB connector does it have?Maybe USB-A.Actually,most iPhones utilized the Type A USB for its high-speed and reliable charging,in the old days.Nowadays,the scenario is a bit different to boost the charging speed even more.

Just as important a step on your iPhone X fast charging journey is the cable that transmits the power.Cable Matters has a number of great options,but the best is this premium USB-C to Lightning cable.It’s fully MFi certified and is made of durable materials to make sure that it won’t fray,or tangle easily.

It supports up to 20W charging,so you can use it to charge larger devices like iPads containing a lightning port.It can even handle data transfers,so if you want to use it to send some files to another device,it can operate at USB 2.0 speeds up to 480Mbps.The iPhone X fast charging is its biggest selling point,though.With just 30 minutes of charging time,you can go from zero battery to 50 percent.Remember,all of this applies to fast charging your iPhone.

Lightning cable supplier, The USB-C to lightning cable has a USB type C connector at one end while lightning connector at the other end.Apphone USB-C to lightning cable supports high-speed power delivery fast Charging,can charge the iPhone 12 up to 50%in 30mins.The type c to lightning cables also support data transfer rate up to 480Mbps,which can easily transfers music,photos and files between iPhone and laptop or desktop computer in seconds.(Note:You need to use 20W or above USB-C Power Adapter to achieve Power Delivery Fast Charging,if you use less than 20W adapter,these usb c to lightning cables only support standard charge.)

However,you should know that the lightning ends are slightly different,the lighting terminal is silvery white instead of golden yellow on all USB-C to lighting cables.For faster charging,juice up 50%in just 30 minutes,use the USB-C to lightning charging cable with a higher watt charger(higher than 20W for iPhone).

USB-C supports high data transfer rates.But when it comes to the lightning connector at the opposite end,the scenario is different.It can offer a data transfer rate of up to 480Mbps.It is still enough to transfer the huge files within minutes.The same scenario is true for USB-A to lightning ports.It also supports 480Mbps.


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