An Introduction to USB Type C Cable Fast Charging Apphone

USB Type-C cable

It’s time to meet USB-C, the next evolution of USB technology (more formally known as USB Type-C). USB-C devices feature a new type of connector that can provide power and data transfer at much greater rates. An Introduction to USB Type C Cable Fast Charging Apphone

Thanks to a reversible connector, you can finally say goodbye to the frustration of whether it’s upside down or not, or which end you plug in. Leading manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Google have already adopted this new technology. Many of the latest devices such as the Google Pixel smartphone, Chromebook, LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8, and the latest Apple MacBook all support the USB-C standard.

Usb type c cable factory, Choosing a certified cable is also very important when using the right USB-C cable. Apphone’s USB-C cables are certified by USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum) to meet all electrical, mechanical and environmental standards. About USB Type C Cable item,Strong military fiber, the most flexible, powerful and durable material, makes tensile force increased by 200%. Special Strain Relief design, can bear 10000+ bending test. Premium Aluminum housing makes the cable more durable.Premium nylon braided type c cable adds additional durability and tangle free. 3.1A Fast Charge, Transfer speed up to 480Mbps,Data Transfer and Power Charging 2 in 1.High-quality cables protect your devices free from damage.

usb type c cable nylon

Data cables are used within a variety of environments and situations. For example, they connect the hardware elements within a computer so that they are always communicating with one another, in order to ensure that the computer operates as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. As the world moves toward USB-C, it doesn’t mean you have to replace all of your current devices right this minute. You just need the right USB-C cable or adapter to start taking advantage of everything it has to offer. Luckily, we have a full range of cables available to help with the transition.

USB connectors, in general, are defined by three different, but associated standards: the physical connector, data transmission protocol, and power delivery. One thing you should be aware of about USB-C is that the standard is still evolving. Numerous different standards, such as the USB 3.1 and 3.2 standards that we just mentioned, have been introduced. Thus, when purchasing USB-C equipment, it’s especially important to check that it’s designed for compatibility with the correct USB standards. Read up on the USB-C standards to make sure you understand them.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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