MFi Certified Charger for Apple White- Apphone Lightning to usb cable

MFi Certified Charger for Apple

Apple’s lightning connector found on iPhones can be thought of as a different,albeit proprietary,type of USB connector.You connect your iPhone,iPad or iPod with Lightning connector to your MacBook’s USB‑C port to charge it or transfer data,and nothing happens. Apple arguably changed tech forever when it created the world’s first smartphone known as the iPhone. MFi Certified Charger for Apple White- Apphone Lightning to usb cable

USB Type-C to Lightning cable is the latest cable type approved for manufacturing under Apple’s Made for iPhone(MFi)program.Apple has made plans to introduce third party USB-C to Lightning cables to the market,and has notified MFi approved manufacturers that the updated C94 Lightning Connector type,specific for producing this cable,is available for purchase.USB-C to Lightning cable promises faster charging than USB Standard-A to Lightning,with USB-C to Lightning providing up to 20W of power.

Apphone iPhone charging cable uses Apple’s original C89 smart chip to recognize and connect to your Apple devices immediately.MFi-certified cables provide a safe and stable charging solution for your devices.An additional layer of protection has been added to the Lightning and USB ends to improve durability and reduce fraying.

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More specifically,it has the same data transfer rate as USB 2.0 and prior to the iPhone 8,could only charge at 5V 1A(5W).However,when Apple introduced support for USB Power Delivery(PD)in the iPhone 8,it greatly expanded the iPhones charging capabilities.USB PD expands power capabilities up to 100W by opening up support beyond 5V,all the way to 20V,in fact.In short,these higher power rates need to be negotiated between the host(phone)and charger so both must support the USB PD protocol.Luckily,if you have the right equipment then you can charge your iPhone from 0%to 50%in just 30 minutes.

Maybe USB-A. Actually,most iPhones utilized the Type A USB for its high-speed and reliable charging,in the old days.Nowadays,the scenario is a bit different to boost the charging speed even more.You have a USB-C to Lightning cable to speed up the charging.You can survive from the 5 mins charging before leaving the house when only to find you are 20%battery left.

The USB-C to lightning cable has a USB type C connector at one end while lightning connector at the other end.We used USB Type-A to Lightning cables for decades,and you just get used to it when people say“lighting cables”.However,you should know that the lightning ends are slightly different,the lighting terminal is silvery white instead of golden yellow on all USB-C to lighting cables.

All Apple data cables of Apphone have been strictly inspected for quality,and the price is very suitable.If you encounter any problems with use,you can consult customer service.You should,however,be wary of the manufacturer as some cheap knock-off lightning cables may not be reliable and may not be safe.Cheap lightning cables are every bit as safe and reliable as official Apple ones.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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