How to choose a better car charger?

fast charge car charger

The rhythm of the city is very fast now, and even the mobile phones of major brands are breaking the charging speed limit again and again. It is getting closer and closer to full charging of the mobile phone in 15 minutes, and in the car charging experience, there is finally a fast charging experience. How to choose a better car charger?

The power number of the on-board charger cannot be too high or too low. The higher the power output of the car charger, the easier it is to damage or burn the electronic equipment or household appliances attached to the car, harm the car cigarette lighter and even damage the car battery. The charger with too low power is likely to fail. To meet the requirements of riders, you should choose a charger with suitable power.

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Many of the current car chargers have built-in fuse tubes. When the working current is higher than the overvoltage protection power supply circuit can bear, the fuse tube will be automatically blown to maintain the power circuit, so riders don’t need to worry too much.

The difference between car chargers and common chargers: mainly lies in the plug. The plug of the car charger is a cigarette lighter. You can find a cigarette lighter in the car, usually one in the cab and one in the luggage compartment. Plug the car charger into the car. You need to insert it all the way until you hear a clicking sound. Then connect the other end to the mobile phone or other digital product equipment you want to charge, and configure the corresponding data cable according to different electronic products.

How to disassemble the car charger

Simply unplug the car charger from the interface. Because the car charger is inserted into the cigarette lighter interface and is only fixed by the tensioning circlip, and the tensioning circlip can work in both directions, when we disassemble the car charger, we can directly pull it out without too many steps. .

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