MFi Certified Lightning Cable iPhone Charger Cord- Wholesale iPhone Cable

MFi Certified Lightning Cable iPhone Charger

MFi certification stands for Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad.It’s a program that producers of accessories for those devices must go through to have their hardware approved by Apple.MFi certification is crucial but complicated.We’ll explain everything you need to know about MFi certification.MFi Certified Lightning Cable iPhone Charger Cord-Wholesale iPhone Cable

While Apple has integrated wireless charging into its phones since iPhone 8,you still get a Lightning cable in the box with your phone.And plenty of companies produce such cables,if you’re looking for,say,a different color or length than Apple’s default.However,not all Lightning cables are created equal.If you’re buying a Lightning cable for your iPhone,iPod or iPad,make sure it is MFi-certified.

MFi is an acronym for Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad.It is a program that every producer of accessories for these devices has to undergo before Apple can approve their accessories.MFi certification is only given for accessories verified by Apple as safe for their products.Apphone Lightning Cable iPhone Charger Cord 90 Degree Fast Data Cable,With high quality nylon braided surface,this cable is more durable,tangle-free and long-term clean and new,no sweat,no fingerprint and no dirty.

Apple Lightning Cable

USB-C delivers more speed than its predecessors–it’s as much as twice as fast as the USB 3.0 port.Delivering up to 100 watts of power,the USB-C is also far more powerful than older versions of the USB.For instance,the USB 2.0 could transfer just 2.5 watts of power.With its universality,speed,power,and versatility,the USB-C port is a popular choice for computer monitors,opening a wealth of possibilities to increase productivity and efficiency at the office.

For starters,an improper cable can damage your device.This could be as simple as scratching the contacts in your charging port,or as serious as damaging the battery.Where to Buy Lightning MFi-Certified Cables,You can avoid buying non-MFi products by finding a genuine dealer on the Apple MFi certified list.As a rule of thumb,keep off places like dollar stores or gas stations because you’re likely to end up with a counterfeit,non-MFi charger or accessory.

Fortunately,a host of companies have jumped at the chance of producing Lightning cables for iOS and iPadOS devices. MFi controllers,as the name suggests,are game controllers for use by Apple devices under the MFi certification program.More specifically,these controllers can work with all Apple devices from iPad to iPhone and Apple TV,irrespective of the device’s software version.


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