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USB,or universal serial bus,is a device that plugs into your computer to communicate with other devices.USB Type C is one of the latest types of USB connector,and it has rapidly gained popularity. USB A to Type C Cable Fast Charging C Charger-Apphone

USB connectors–and,by extension,USB ports–can be found in two different styles:type“A”(for hosts and USB hubs)and type“B”(for peripheral devices).In addition,USB plugs fall into three different size ranges:standard,mini,and micro.Most people today use USB 3.0,we’ll focus on this group of USB connectors only.USB-A 3.0 port is the common type of USB connector used in newer versions of the personal computer.You’ll also often see it at the other end of a USB 3.0 cable.

USB-C will soon do away with all proprietary power adapters and USB cables in a call to unify all devices once and for all.It has the ability to transfer data,provide power,transmit audio and video,and power HDMI devices.

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For most electronics,though,you’ll find that they have a USB type-A connector.They’re often used to connect larger pieces of hardware onto smaller machines.Most cords connect some laptop models to things like an HD PVR and have a USB 2.0 port.

Apphone USB A to USB C cable support QC 4.0/3.0 3A max Fast Charging(faster compared with other cables which provide 5V/2.4A output).USB-C Charger Cable meets all your demands in daily life and makes your life more convenient.Keep a cable in your bag,car,home and office as a backup.

It is the new industry standard connector and,as we’re sure you’ve noticed,the new norm with many PC manufacturers and software developers.USB-C is bridging the gap between Apple and everyone else,unlike the Lightning and MagSafe connectors,which had only limited acceptance beyond Apple products.USB-C is on the path to making all other USB cables obsolete.

The USB-C is known as the all-in-one connector.It is a one-cable solution with the ability to transmit power,audio,and video across a single cable from one mighty port.USB-C is backwards compatible with USB 3.0,USB 2.0,and older,and cables with USB-C to Type-A connectors are available to ease the transition into the new standard as we continue to move towards an exclusive USB-C world.


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