Usb type c cable for phone- High quality supply

Usb type c cable for phone

Since 1996, USB signal standards have progressed as technology demands increase. USB Type-C is still quite new, and is yet to be incorporated into most of the devices we use from day to day. Currently, you can only find USB Type-C in Apple MacBook computers, some Chromebooks and other new models of laptop, and some flash drives. Some cables have the same connector at both ends and are named accordingly—for example, a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable. Usb type c cable for phone- High quality supply.

Understanding USB means knowing the difference between types and versions, and how these influence which connectors and cables you use. The USB C connector is a reversible/symmetrical connector, so no more guessing on how to plug it in. Increased durability of up to 10,000 cycles meaning a longer life for the number of times it has the capability to be plugged in. Get up to 60W high-speed charging for all of your USB-C devices when paired with a USB-C charger.

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Usb type c cable for phones
The durable nylon woven fabric is made of a high-quality aluminum casing that makes the charger cable resistant to oxidation. Excellent resistance to twisting and abrasion.With a tested 10000+ bend lifespan. 3/3/6/6/10ft different lengths can be used on sofas, beds, cars and other places. Perfect for long enough wires to enjoy data synchronization and charging anytime, anywhere, without worrying about taking the cable anywhere. It can charge Huawei mobile phones, but the premise is that the charging interface of the mobile phone must be Type-C. If it is an older old Huawei mobile phone that uses a Type-a interface, it cannot be charged with a Type-C data cable. Most mobile phones use the Type-C interface, which can be charged with this data cable.

Why does my cable need to be rated for 3A if only the standard Rp is used?

The standard Rp indicates that the power sink needs to use some other method of finding what current the power source can provide. This method could be BC1.2 or a proprietary discovery scheme (such as the voltage set on D+/D-). Using these methods, a sink could discover the source is capable of up to 3A. All cables must be capable of supporting 3A.

Although a cable has two differently shaped connectors, it takes the name of whichever connector is not USB Type-A. That’s because USB Type-A is the most commonly used USB port and connector so an alternative type is the most distinguishing feature.

Apphone strictly controls the production quality of usb type c data cables. According to the management system, managers of various departments and front-line production employees have received good training and obtained job training certificates.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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