Mfi usb c to lightning cable-Apphone MFi-Certified for iPhone

Mfi usb c to lightning cable

Apple data cable, Apple interface mobile power supply, etc. have become newly developed products of the company. In order to obtain Apple’s recognition and to improve the product’s own value, many companies have paid attention to this certification. You are able to use it across your entire Apple product line! Mfi usb c to lightning cable-Apphone MFi-Certified for iPhone

What is the data cable MFi certification?

Apple connector, Lightning connector is Apple’s own data cable, whether it is an iPhone or a tablet, it needs to be connected to Lightning for charging. The forceful mfi lightning cable of your iPhone with high-performance chipset and premium material offers you the efficiency in daily life.
best Mfi usb c to lightning cable
Mfi usb c to lightning cable Product Features

With Power Delivery fast charging feature, it saves your time when charging your device. Each cable contains a unique, verified serial number and an authorization chip issued by Apple to ensure 100% compatibility with any Lightning device.

With high-performance chipset to efficiently control power voltage and provide fast & stable data transmission.

Using premium tinned copper wires to lower down resistance andsignal interference.

If you’re unsure if the product you want to buy is actually MFI certified, use Apple’s MFI tool see if the vendor and the product is listed in their database. This MFI program might be a bane to most manufacturers but its smart on Apple behalf because it ensures that certified products meet their usability requirements. Basically Apple wants to eliminate all the potential problems a comment like “My new iPhone sucks because it charges so slowly” would create.

Apple certified MFI cables are supposed to have trapezoidal, equally spaced interlocks from the edge. Looking at this picture here, the Gas Station cable definitely isn’t and the Anker cable is close but isn’t. The Mayshion cable is actually quite close. Apphone MFi fast charging cable has a wear-resistant and non-pilling outer skin, which is woven with strong polypropylene yarn to prevent daily wear and tear and protect the cable from damage. The terminal tail is integrally molded with a longer mesh tail, and the holes are opened to increase flexibility and provide better bending resistance.

This USB cable comes with a MFI connector that detects your cellphone, tablet or other mobile device’s proper power requirements and protects it from overcharging and power surges. All Apple data cable products here are made of Apple’s official MFi certified C94 terminal, which can be used stably for a long time, covering a variety of daily use occasions by users, and friends can choose suitable products according to their preferences and purposes.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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