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Type c cable near me

Quick and powerful.Connect your USB-C enabled gear to transfer data and charge devices.This 2-meter charge cable-with USB-C connectors on both ends-is ideal for charging,syncing,and transferring data between USB-C devices. USB-C Charge Cable(2 m)-Apphone Type c cable near me

The USB Type-C port is quickly becoming a universal connector for mobile devices,including the top Android phones.If your device has a Type-C port,you need a USB-C cable to charge it or transfer data.But unfortunately,not all USB-C cables are made the same.MRGLAS usb c cable supports fast charging up to 9v/3.1a(3x faster)compared with other cables which provide 5v/2.4a output.Mrglas usb c cable with gold-plated design avoids energy loss than other cables.The usb c cable has electronic safety certifications that comply with appropriate standards,it built-in laser welding technology,strong fiber,the most flexible,powerful and durable material,makes tensile force increased by 200%.Can bear 50000+bending test.

In theory,all USB-C cables should be the same:that’s the whole point of having a standard.In practice,there are different versions of the standard.More worryingly,many cables being sold as USB-C don’t fully conform to that standard–and that can be seriously bad news…

Some non-compliant cables simply won’t offer the full data speeds they promise.Others can’t be used for data at all.And yet others can draw too much power,which can not only damage any device you’re charging it with,but could even damage the USB port in your MacBook.

The Cable Matters USB-C to USB-C cable shines on multiple fronts.You can use it to charge your devices,transfer data between them quickly,or output video to a compatible display.And it does all of these things very well.USB-C can also support lots of different types of data-including video-and power over a single connector,so it’s a really convenient connector design and easy to see why it’s taking over all devices.

Type-C Charging Cable

It’s important to remember that it took years and years for the EU to finally pass its own common charging port agreement.In fact,when the efforts first started to gain traction,the plan was to standardize on microUSB as the common charging port standard.

Apple has regularly pushed back on the EU’s common charger narrative,saying that such a requirement would actually lead to more e-waste being generated and stifle innovation.

Regardless of how it feels about the EU legislation,reports indicate that Apple is planning to switch to USB-C charging for the iPhone 15 in 2023.The company’s end goal,however,is to make the iPhone completely port-less.

Pretty much all new phones have USB-C for charging with Android phones pretty much all using USB-C.When choosing a spare data cable,it is not necessary to choose a data cable from the official website.You can choose a quality,guaranteed and inexpensive cable.The Apphone data cable is still very easy to use.If you have any use problems,you can come to consult.Apphone manufacturers attach importance to quality,stick to affordable prices,service many customers.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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