USB/Type-C Cables – Apphone Type c Cable Fast Charging 3.0

Type c Cable Fast Charging 3.0

The USB cable has been around for years.We even have been graced by fast wireless chargers,but things have changed with the new USB Type-C cable.USB Type-C(or USB‑C)cables have one or more symmetrical(and,therefore,reversible)24-pin connectors.The USB cable has been around for years.We even have been graced by fast wireless chargers. USB/Type-C Cables-Apphone Type c Cable Fast Charging 3.0

Fast chargers and cables compliant with USB-PD and USB Type-C specifications can support charging power levels up to 100 W.Depending on the device involved,that means that they can recharge a phone or other device much faster than a wireless charger.A wired charger with a long-enough cable also allows users to keep interacting with their devices while they’re recharging,which is a major advantage for the phone-addicted among us.If you are not technologically savvy,you may not understand the minute differences between the various types of chargers.You might be aware that there are fast wireless chargers,but not that there are several kinds of chargers,but do not fret!In this piece,we will discuss the USB Type C charger.

USB/Type-C Cables

In any charging system,three individual items must work together—the device being charged,the cable,and the charger.USB Type-C(or USB‑C)cables have one or more symmetrical(and,therefore,reversible)24-pin connectors.Whether you have a USB C magnetic charger or the conventional USB Type-C cable,you will not be disappointed with its speed.Your USB Type-C port can charge twenty times faster than the traditional USB port.It means you will always have the quickest and most efficient charging experience.Your devices will be charging in no time!

Most gadgets,such as smartphones and tablets,have a USB Type-C charging port.The USB Type-C cable is a must-have,and you need to make sure that you have a USB Type-C cable to charge the latest devices available.USB‑C chargers have an AC plug on one end(for plugging into a wall outlet)and either a cable with a USB‑C connector on the other(for plugging into the device to be charged)or a USB‑C output port for plugging in a USB‑C cable.Super fast charging time,conforming to the USB Type C Specification version 1.1,56kilohm,standard identification,which ensures a safe charging at 3.0A Maximum.

Thanks to the USB Type-C Authentication specification,portable device users need worry less about using USB chargers at a public terminal,for example,by allowing charge from certified USB chargers only.Moving to PCs,a system admin can set a policy to allow access only to verified USB storage devices,for example.

The USB data cables produced by Apphone Electronics also have different levels,which are divided into medium and high-end products.Each product has been tested and you can buy and use it with confidence.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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