Advantages of USB Type C Apphone Usb Type c Cable Wholesale

usb type c cable manufacturer

USB cables are crucial for charging and connecting your gadgets.Explore our selection to find every type of USB cable that you could possibly need.Introducing the Last Charging Cable You Will Ever Need.The USB cable is probably on the way toward becoming a universal connector due to its USB-C characteristics and benefits. Advantages of USB Type C Apphone Usb Type c Cable Wholesale

Because USB Type C is reversible,bi-directional charging is required,which means that,in theory,any device could be charged from any device.Not only did older USB cables lack directionality,but they also won’t support the same standard of charging.Nevertheless,USB Type C now offers enough power for laptops as well as other large devices.While USB-A can only support 2.5 watts&5 volts,USB Type C can now easily handle 100 watts and 20 volts,which is sufficient for larger devices.

Usb Type c Cable Wholesale

Effective pass-through charging and a USB hub that can run a laptop while simultaneously charging other devices are two examples of practical advantages.Additionally,a mobile USB Type C charger can be used to power the laptop,giving users more mobility. 3.1A Fast Charge, Transfer speed up to 480Mbps,Data Transfer and Power Charging 2 in 1.High-quality cables protect your devices free from damage.

USB C cables have become a necessary part of our lives as they are required for many tasks.Most Android phones have type-C ports for charging.Browse through type-C to type-C connectors that can double as type-C to type-A connectors.Get connectors with braided cables that ensure the longevity of the product.Some brands also offer retractable cables that are easy to store and can be travelled with easily.

USB-C isn’t just for data and power.Video is where the true versatility of USB-C shines.Through alt-modes,USB-C can carry video signals just like a video cable with another connector on it.Thanks to the outstanding bandwidth of USB-C,these alt modes can carry ultra high definition 4K and 8K video at blazing-fast refresh rates.Thanks to the versatility of USB-C,you can find a USB-C hub,USB-C docking station,USB-C dock,or USB-C switch to meet any scenario.Create the ultimate one-cable solution for a full computer workstation-including keyboard,mouse,video,and peripherals-with a USB C dock.

You can also use type-C cables to transfer data from your phone to your personal computer.You can find type-C cables in various lengths online,from short-length 20 cm cables to long-length cables that are 2 m and above.Questions related to the use of data cables,welcome to inquire,Apphone consultants will provide you with satisfactory answers


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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