Best Apple Lightning USB Cable for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Apphone

Apple Lightning USB Cable

Lightning Cable MFi Certified – Charge your Apple iOS device with Lightning cable from any USB power source or sync your music and photos by plugging it into your computer.Revolutionizing the Industry.The Last Cable You Will Ever Need.This USB 2.0 cable connects your iPhone,iPad,or iPod with Lightning connector to your computer’s USB port for syncing and charging. Best Apple Lightning USB Cable for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Apphone

Lightning cables keep your iPhone,iPad or iPod connected,charged and synced wherever you go.Different cable lengths so that you can charge at a distance or maximize portability.Durcord iphone charger cable with premium double shade braided nylon body to ensure it’s super durability and strength.Upgraded 3D aluminum connector with laser welding technology will never loose,no need to worry about oxidation and broken ends.

Mfi Authorized manufacturers

How about those lightning cables that are a fraction of the cost of the Apple ones?Do you know what a MFI certified cable is?Does it matter?For the charge tests,the first round involved seeing how much power the iPhone 8 had from dead.We drained the iPhone while leaving it on with the game Morphite.After it has been fully drained,we would then plug it into the 1 Amp charger that came with the iPhone 8 and set a 30 minute timer.After that,we would record the charge and proceed to drain the battery again for the next cable.

Apple MFi Certified USB to Lightning Cable.A counterfeit Lightning cable is unlikely to explode,no matter how badly it’s made.The most likely issue you’ll run into with a fake Lightning cable is that it won’t charge your device(or it will charge your device very slowly),but there’s also a risk of it damaging your device in the bad charging process.You likely won’t see the new change until sometime next year as it will take time for Apple to put the iPhone hardware and iOS through various tests to make sure Apple can deliver USB-C support the best way possible.So it won’t be happening overnight.MFi Certified USB-C to Lightning Right-Angle iPhone Cable can be used to run power from the USB-C dock stations or Macbook to the iPhone directly(Lightning port)to sync or charge your phone.This convenient cable provides full charging power even at a longer connection distance than most.So,you won’t have to endure slow charge times,even when your iPhone is mounted to a desk,a wall or in your car.

Most of today’s fast charging technologies can charge a mobile phone to 50%of the power in half an hour.If you have a requirement for charging speed,you can start with a fast charging data cable,which is convenient for your daily use.You don’t have to worry about quality problems.Any technology or use Questions,welcome to consult us.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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