USB Type A to Type C Cable-Apphone USB-C USB Cables

usb type c cable

USB-C connector supports various exciting new USB standards like USB 3.1, USB-C charging Cables are the first and most important gadgets you need to think about just after buying your phone, USB Type A to Type C Cable-Apphone USB-C USB Cables

The USB Type-C port is quickly becoming a universal connector for mobile devices,including the top Android phones.If your device has a Type-C port,you need a USB-C cable to charge it or transfer data.

As you can see,there’s 24 pins in the receptacle,but you don’t need to use all of them.If you need to supply power to something simple like a microcontroller and some low power sensors,you can just tap into the GND and VBUS pins.This will give you 500mA of power if you plug the other end of the cable into an old machine with USB 2.0,or up to 900mA.if you plug it into a USB 3.X port using a USB 3 cable.For many things,this is all you need.By setting up resistors on the CC-lines and detecting capabilities at the Host,you may also be able to request both 1500mA and 3000mA.

If your device has a Type-C port,you need a USB-C cable to charge it or transfer data.But unfortunately,not all USB-C cables are made the same.Apphone USB Type A to Type C Cable,These are USB Type A to Type C cables.Therefore,they are suitable for USB Type A to Type C charging devices.The built-in E-Marker chip enables the cables to charge Type C devices at high speed.

The USB-C has a much smaller physical connector than the Type A and is around the same size as a micro-USB connector.To implement USB 3.1,check my article on how to do this.Given the higher speeds and options available,doing a 3.1 device can be quite a bit more complicated than for the former versions.You’ll use the CC pins to detect cable orientation,how much power the Host(PC,Hub or similar)can supply and much more.

USB connectors have been around for a long time.Most electronic devices,such as laptops and other computer equipment will feature one or more standard USB Type A ports to enable communication with other pieces of peripheral hardware.Smaller devices like mobile phones,power banks and external hard drives will usually feature either the smaller USB Type B connectors or micro-USB connectors to save valuable space.Apphone USB Type-C has many features,it has the ability to be used with a range of USB C and USB A connectors.Second,it has also the ability to charge and to sync data and pictures at the same time.Last but not least,the design is what makes this charging cable different,it comes with a reversible design allowing you to figure out which face to choose easily.


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