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Nowadays, there are a variety of iPhone data cables in the market. After meeting the two hard needs of charging and data transmission, there are more and more kinds of patterns. Apple PD fast charging cable is also called USB-C to Lightning fast charging cable. Different from the traditional Apple data cable, its two ends are USB-C and Lightning respectively, so it is also referred to as C to L fast charging cable. How do you choose Apple PD fast charging cable?

Apple’s old USB-A to Lightning data cable does not support PD fast charging, and the maximum charging power is only 12W. Usb-c to Lightning fast charging cable can reach 20W, and 58% of the power is charged in half an hour, and the full charging time is 1 hour and 52 minutes. It can be seen that usB-C to Lightning fast charging cable significantly improves user experience compared with the old USB-A to Lightning data cable. It only takes 50 minutes from 2.0% to 100%, and there is no need to wait a lot of time (it means to slowly charge with 5W, watch video for one hour and charge for two hours), which is the only advantage

Fast charging. Quick as lightning! Apple PD quick charging line produced by Apple’s official MFI chip can charge 50% in 30 minutes. There will be no popup prompt of “this cable or accessory has not been certified” for non-certified line, and it supports system upgrade, so you can rest assured to use it.

Since the health of the iPhone’s battery, iPhone fans have been paying more and more attention to charging devices. Apphone PD charging connection line is based on MFi technology to protect the built-in authentication chip. When the charging voltage is too large, the chip automatically performs power-off protection, which greatly reduces the damage to the battery. Apphone PD quick filling cable adopts the same process as the original wire, which strengthens the durability of the wire. After thousands of bending tests, the quality is guaranteed, and the price is also very affordable.


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