Type C Usb Cable- Apphone USB Type C Charger Cable Fast Charging

Type C Charger Cable Fast Charging

Wholesale Best USB Cable with 15 years experience. USB type C cables have created waves in the digital world. The USB-C wires strive to curtail the need for an abundance of wires. It’s a multifunctional, increasingly popular cable amongst device owners. Type C Usb Cable- Apphone USB Type C Charger Cable Fast Charging

With a new charging port called USB-C—is finally ready for widespread adoption. They’re reliable and inexpensive, and most important, they’re fast. In fact, if you’re using Apple’s free iPhone charger, a new one will charge your phone three times faster. USB-C is also becoming a more universal charging standard.

A single USB-C port can serve the functionality of many laptop ports. The initial transition to USB-C ports called for the use of dongles, adapters, and docks. Now, however, its presence in technology has diminished the need for various cables. Best USB Type C Charger Cable, Supports high-speed USB-C charging for devices compatible with Quick Charge, including Samsung Galaxy S20,s10 Note 20,10, and more. (Not compatible with Power Delivery). Engineered with a tough nylon exterior to resist damage from the outside and a precision-designed interior to withstand thousands upon thousands of bends.

what makes a standard cable different from a fast-charging cable? At any given time, the amount of power is transferred to your device’s battery. Fast charging cables can deliver more current to fill up your battery’s capacity faster than conventional cables. As previously stated, the quantity of electricity a cable can transport determines how quickly it charges. This is proportional to the size of the wire within the cable; it’s just physics. Because a wire’s current carrying capacity is limited, a larger wire can carry more current.

Type C Usb Cable

Some versions of USB‑C, such as USB 3.1 Gen 2, can support data transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps. That’s fast enough for downloading or uploading videos from your phone to your company blog or transferring image files to the monitor of your LCD digital signage. Some USB‑C ports support Thunderbolt 3, which potentially supports speeds up to 40 Gbps. Not all USB‑C ports support USB PD, however, and not all adapters are created equal.


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