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Using a Non-Apple Charger is Dangerous.We have confirmed that the Lightning cable does have four chips embedded.Apple claims that fast charging will fill up your iPhone’s battery to 50%in just a mere 30 minutes.Using iPhone Lightning Cable for Charge- Apphone lightning cable supplier

Fast charging allows your iPhone’s battery to charge at a quicker rate than it would with a slower charger.The feature was first brought out with the release of the Apple iPhone 8 and each model released after this device has followed suit.So if you own an iPhone 8 or later,then your device will support super-fast charging.Although your phone may be able to support fast charging,it will need to be paired with the right wall charger and cable to enable this feature.

With Lightning cable for iPhone,it becomes easy to connect to your PC’s USB port for data sync.On the other hand,you can connect with any compatible USB Power Adapter for helpful charging from a wall outlet.Made with top-quality material,it works effectively with all Apple gadgets.As it provides ease,this lightning cable for iPhones 7,8,10,11/12 Pro,13 series gives you the adaptability to charge your device&sync with a single charging cable.Apphone iPhone USB cable supports safe high-speed charging(2.4A)and fast data transfer(480Mbps),Mfi certified lightning cable,great performance ensures your devices quick charge and sync wire simultaneously.It syncs photos,music,videos,files with the ability to charge the device.

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There are two components to using the fast charge feature on your device;a cable and power adapter.Other than the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max,Apple doesn’t include a fast charger in the box,so you will need to purchase these separately.Your iPhone can use fast charging to reach 50%in only 30 minutes when you use a USB-C to Lightning Cable and a USB Power Adapter more powerful than the standard 5W.For ultimate charging,Apple recommends using an adapter that is above 18W.

These Apphone lightning cables for iPhones&iPads are your iOS gadget’s lifesaver,used to charge&move data to your Apple cell phone.To keep your tech running dependably,you require a top-notch,eight-pin cable that won’t break.They are very light&adaptable for carrying around as an extra cable.No one can tell when you’ll have to charge your gadgets while one is on the way.

As remarkable as smartphones can be,one of their most significant downsides is that the battery life is so pathetic when they’re in use.Older mobile/cellular phones had batteries that would last up to 3–4 days in some cases,whereas nowadays,if you are using the phone, browse the web,the battery can be drained in less than 90-minutes in some cases.If made by credible companies,cheap lightning cables are every bit as safe and reliable as Apple cables;it just means that you aren’t paying over the odds for the Apple brand.


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