Usb-c Adapter Apphone- You’ll Need Some Adapters

Usb-c Adapter

Enjoy fast data transfer speeds by using this USB-C cable. There are plenty of adapters for USB-C,making Type-C backwards compatible so anyone can adopt it. Usb-c Adapter-You’ll need some adapters

If you have a device with a USB-C port—such as a MacBook or other compatible laptop,an iPad Pro,a Nintendo Switch,or an Android phone—you need a cable to charge it and to transfer data to and from other devices.Unfortunately,when it comes to USB-C,even cables that look identical can behave very differently—for instance,a cable that charges your phone at top speed might be sluggish at transferring music files,or vice versa.We’ve tested dozens of cables and adapters to help you find the right ones for your needs without overspending.

In any case,it’s likely you’ll need to buy at least some accessories;even if you have a high-end MacBook Pro with four USB-C ports you will almost certainly have enough ports but there will be some devices you own that you will need a converter for.This apple charger block is officially certified by ETL for safety protection,and it features a tough construction to protect against scratches,scrapes,bumps and drops.

A quick primer on USB specifications for those living in blissful oblivion:While ordinary USB-A ports are limited to just 12 watts of charging power,USB-C ports can provide 18 watts of fast-charging power to phones and,more rarely,up to 240 watts to laptops(depending on the cable and device you plug into them).Apple’s Lightning ports can use regular 12-watt charging with a USB-A cable and faster charging via USB-C.Micro-USB and Mini-USB can provide only regular charging regardless of a USB-A or USB-C connection.Each has different capabilities and limitations in charging power and speed(measured in watts,W)and data-transfer speed between devices(measured in megabits per second,Mbps,or gigabits per second,Gbps).

The USB-C connector has been designed so that it can be scaled with future developments in speed,meaning the shape itself shouldn’t need to change again for a long time.

There are relatively few data lines on the market that can enhance charging while ensuring data transmission.The data lines in Apphone’s factory have been protected by multiple designs to easily achieve fast charging and data transmission.Buy daily data cables here.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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