Wholesale Usb type c Charger Samsung- USB A to Type C Cable Fast Charging

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USB Type C is one of the latest types of USB connector, and it has rapidly gained popularity. USB-C cables can handle power. At a bare minimum, they must carry at least 20V at 3A, for a total of 60W of input power. Wholesale Usb type c Charger Samsung- USB A to Type C Cable Fast Charging

The best USB-C cables for 2022· Apphone USB to USB C Cable has electronic safety certifications that comply with appropriate standards, it built-in laser welding technology, which ensure the metal part won’t break. The longer SR anti-break design enhances the durability of the cable. With 40,000+ times bend test, the flexible and durable double-braided nylon type C cable longer service life and will never rupture.

Wholesale best usb type c cable, USB-C cables allow high speed data transfers and a higher power flow, allowing your phone to charge more quickly. USB-C cables are also reversible and can be plugged in either way round. Keeps up with the latest trend of USB interface. This user-friendly design allows you to plug into all your USB C compatible devices without worrying about the orientation of the port. Supports safe high-speed charging up to 3.1A and fast data transfer up to 480Mbps. The USB C connector is a reversible/symmetrical connector, so no more guessing on how to plug it in. Increased durability of up to 10,000 cycles meaning a longer life for the number of times it has the capability to be plugged in. Conforming to the USB Type C Specification version 1.1, 56kilohm, which ensures a safe charging.

USB Type-C offers many advantages for the consumer, including high-speed data transfer, a high-wattage power supply cable, and a reliable means of connecting peripheral devices to the computer.

USB-C is designed for everyone. It’s an easy-to-use connector that just slots in, and it can be found on mice, keyboards and numerous other peripherals that require a removable connector. Those who need high-speed data transfer find it ideal for use with external hard drives and other external data storage devices — especially those with video footage or large datasets.


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