Fast Charge Your iPhone- Apphone Lightning Cable Compatible iPhone 14

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Best Lightning Cables, Lightning to USB Cable lets you charge and sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your Mac or Windows PC. Get fast, free shipping when you shop online. Fast Charge Your iPhone– Apphone Lightning Cable Compatible iPhone 14

If you’re plugging your iPhone in regularly but getting low-battery warnings when you shouldn’t, consider the possibility that something is preventing your iPhone from charging successfully while plugged in. USB-C supports high data transfer rates. But when it comes to the lightning connector at the opposite end, the scenario is different. It can offer a data transfer rate of up to 480Mbps. It is still enough to transfer the huge files within minutes. The same scenario is true for USB-A to lightning ports. It also supports 480Mbps.

More specifically, it has the same data transfer rate as USB 2.0 and prior to the iPhone 8, could only charge at 5V 1A (5W). However, when Apple introduced support for USB Power Delivery (PD) in the iPhone 8, it greatly expanded the iPhones charging capabilities. USB PD expands power capabilities up to 100W by opening up support beyond 5V, all the way to 20V, in fact. In short, these higher power rates need to be negotiated between the host (phone) and charger so both must support the USB PD protocol.

The USB-C to lightning cable has a USB type C connector at one end while lightning connector at the other end. Lightweight and without tangled cables. You can take it with you wherever you want. Our cable is the optimal choice for charging your iPhone. Highly pure and thicker copper wires ensure faster and more stable charging, which has a positive effect on the battery life of the mobile iPhone.

You can use any of the adapters listed below (make sure it comply with applicable safety standards) to charge your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or iPod, AirPods, AirPod Pro, Magic Mouse, and keyboard, Apple TV remote, and more with Lightning connector. Choosing a suitable charging cable for the phone from a charging cable supplier is tricky, but some research may help.


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