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Cable Leader Is A Distributor-Wholesaler Of Cables & Accessories. The Apple iPhone is the most popular touchscreen phone in the short history of mobile phones. Apple Lightning Cables & Adapters Nylon Braided Iphone cable Supplier

That is a gigantic market share, and you can easily understand the Lightning connector in its context. Before the Lightning connector, Apple used a 30-pin dock connector for charging and data transfer, which they also developed exclusively for Apple products.

MFi gives the assurance that you’re buying a product that has been approved by Apple specifically for their products. Furthermore, certified accessories continue to work with your device without problems even after an iOS update. The MFi certified list includes third-party hardware accessories that rely on MFi’s licensed technology to connect electronically to Apple devices. USB wall chargers can work with lightning cables even though they are not MFi certified. Wall charging bricks by themselves are not certified because they are not made specifically for Apple products.

Apphone Lightning Cable, Lightning cable built with original chip certified by MFI and original 8 PIN connector with flawless compatibility with all Lightning devices, including iPhone, iPad, and more. braided Nylon cable With a 40,000-bend lifespan, and polished aluminum alloy case with a 20000+ plugging lifespan, which has good flexibility and one of the toughest cables ever created.

For iPhones and older iPads that use the Lightning port, you can buy a cable that has a Lightning jack at one end and either full-size USB-A or the smaller, reversible USB-C connector at the other. Which you choose will depend partly on charging speed, and partly on the device to which you intend to plug in your iPhone or iPad.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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