Apphone USB-A to Lightning Cable

Apple Charging Cable

Lightning cable is essential for charging, and data transfer purposes for various models of Apple devices. Lightning to USB Cable (2 m) lets you charge and sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your Mac or Windows PC. Get fast, free shipping when you shop online. Apphone USB-A to Lightning Cable

Apphone High-quality spring for the interface,which can withstand up to 30,000 bending tests, you can bend the charging cable without any worries. This is the Apple charging cable most iPhone users are familiar with. It has a USB-A connector on one end and a Lightning connector on the other. Lightning is a proprietary Apple connector and therefore is only used on Apple products or 3rd party “made for Apple” accessories like Gaming controllers or VR goggles.

The speed of the cable is determined by USB standards such as USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and USB 3.1. However, the USB Type C connector support high data transfer rates, such as the USB 3.1 standard and the USB 3.0 standard. For example, if you want fast charging of 18 watts for your lovely iPhone’s 8, 9, 10, or later versions, ensure to pick a USB-C to lightning cable with a USB-C PD charger. you can lie on the car or sofa and use your devices while you are charging at the same time. more freedom and flexible.absolutely necessary for office,travel,and home.5 pack of multiple options, you can share it with family and friends.

Just like real cables, the Lightning-USB hacking device supports power and data transfer. However, unlike legit cables, it can be used for remote access to a victim’s device. Cables certified by Apple come with the MFi badge on their packaging. The legit cables themselves bear a 12-digit serial number and the following text: Designed by Apple in California Assembled in Country. Lightning also has a smaller and a more robust connector. USB type C has fairly a larger size. Carefully examine your cable’s connectors. If you spot an uneven metallic finish, rough edges or varying insulator width, then you are probably dealing with either a counterfeit cable or O.MG cable.

The lightning end goes into your device and the USB-A end goes into any suitable USB-A charger or computer port. Quick charging is the best way to ensure that your phone never dies on you when traveling or at home. There are a number of options available for your situation.


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