Usb Type c Cable Charging Cables- Apphone Braided Long Charger Cable

Braided Long Charger Cable

USB-C charging Cables are the first and most important gadgets you need to think about just after buying your phone, it doesn’t matter if it’s and iPhone or an Android phone. Usb Type c Cable Charging Cables– Apphone Braided Long Charger Cable

USB is an industry standard for cables and connectors. Like any technology, it has progressed over time and had various iterations, with significant speed and power improvements. USB, or universal serial bus, is a protocol and hardware standard for digital communications. That means that the USB standard specifies both the actual form of cabling and connectors and the structure of the data that passes through them.

Better user-experience, more durable, and lighter than ever before. If we compare it to buying a car it’s the same. A car will satisfy you need which is moving from a place to another. However, buying a Mercedes is not like buying a middle-class or a low-class car. The aim is the same, but you’re missing the whole experience at the end.

The USB-C, USB-B, and USB-A differences are most obvious in their physical form, but the distinctions run much deeper. Apphone USB-C Cable Fast Charging, Built-in high quality copper core, charging speed up to 3A(max) when used with a plug that supports fast charging. The data transfer of USB 2.0 can reach 480Mbps, which supports transfer music, pictures and various files. USB-C supports up to 100 watts. MacBooks are equipped with an appropriate charging cable with a controller that limits the maximum power for charging the device.

USB-C is not a brand-new technology on the consumer end, it has slowly been integrating into the embedded industry. The capabilities USB-C has to offer is slowly phasing out the need for USB-A and USB-B for speed and connectivity. Currently, USB-C with USB 3.2 Gen 2 is offered in different industrial computing solutions. As technology becomes exponentially more advanced, there will be even more data to process. In embedded applications, like machine vision and other AI enabled operations, industrial computers are required to intake enormous amounts of data from IoT devices and sensors.

It’s pretty easy to find USB-C charging cables out there. Solid Signal has a ton of them. And, if you’re looking for a new cable and charger, you should use them. Why? The answer is simple. Generally speaking, USB cables connected to a computer top out at about 10 watts. That’s really double the spec that they should, but it’s sort of become an unwritten rule that it’s ok for computers to supply that amount of current.

USB-C has the potential to send these substantial amounts of data to the industrial computer at incredibly rapid speeds and deliver additional next-gen USB technologies to the edge. This revolutionizing USB type will enhance the effectiveness of real-time data analysis and decision-making for AI-enabled applications.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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