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Wholesale Apple USB Type-A to Lightning Cable.Not only is USB-C the future—Apple and many PC manufacturers have moved to it exclusively on their laptops.The Lightning connector was technically adept,too.Even today,the port remains completely capable for how most of us use our phones. Best Apple Lightning Cables 2022-lightning cable MFI

Fits perfectly to your charging port,no need to remove the iPhone case,solve tedious troubles,and charge when you want to charge all the time.Lightning was—and still is—a very good connector.The port was revolutionary compared to everything else on the market at the time.The 30-pin connector was large,and Micro USB ports were finicky and hard to plug in.By contrast,the Lightning port was both small and impossible to mess up,a formula so obvious it’s a wonder it took so long for anyone to get there.Apple’s competitors suddenly had a disadvantage when it came to charging,data syncing,and overall phone convenience.While the change is seismic shift in the world of smartphones,Apple’s move away from the Lightning cable was already in motion,with their MacBooks and newer models of iPad now using a C-port.

If you’re unsure if the product you want to buy is actually MFI certified,use Apple’s MFI tool see if the vendor and the product is listed in their database.This MFI program might be a bane to most manufacturers but its smart on Apple behalf because it ensures that certified products meet their usability requirements.Members of the United States Senate have called on the government’s Department of Commerce to create a universal charging solution for the public that’ll help both users and the planet.Lightweight and without tangled cables.You can take it with you wherever you want.Our cable is the optimal choice for charging your iPhone. Our Nylon-braided iphone charger cords enjoy 36-month replacement and 24 hours customer support.We will be responsible for each purchase.

The price of Apple Lightning Braided Cable has also dropped now.It is also MFI certified,so it is also very worth buying.If you encounter any problems with use,please contact our manufacturer at any time,and professionals will provide you with service guidance.


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