Apple iPhone Charger Cable-best Apple MFi Certified

Apple iPhone Charger Cable

Some Lightning cables are built to withstand the abuse they’re subjected to every day. Here are our top picks for the most durable iPhone charger cables, all of which are certified by Apple via the MFi compatibility program. USB-C is quickly becoming the global standard and likely already integrated into your devices. Apple iPhone Charger Cable-best Apple MFi Certified

USB-C to Lightning supports Apple fast charging—that means you can charge your iPhone from 0–50% in 30 minutes when plugged into an 18W USB-C Power Delivery (PD) wall charger. This USB to Lightning cable lets you connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to sync your device with your media library and charge it.

USB-C seems to be the winner. Not surprisingly, most mobile device and accessory makers choose USB-C over Lightning. USB-C is becoming more and more universal, which is a good sign for many people. Lightweight and without tangled cables. You can take it with you wherever you want. Our cable is the optimal choice for charging your iPhone.

As most Apple users will agree, one Lightning cable is never enough. Apple supplies a Lightning-to-USB-C cable with the latest iPhones. The increasingly popular slim, oval-shaped USB Type-C connector is popping up on all kinds of devices. Whether it gets damaged through wear and tear, or it is misplaced, borrowed or stolen, you can guarantee it is never there when you need it.
Apple lightning cable usb c 2m
Apple didn’t go through with that, as you can tell when you purchase a fresh Lightning cable. If you take a closer look at the images, you’ll notice markings on the Lightning connector, indicating which orientation the cable needs to be inserted in.

The European Union is working on legislation that would require Apple to use a universal port standard across its product lineup, essentially prohibiting proprietary charging methods like Lightning. The lightning port was quite capable in its working still Apple tried to adopt its product with a USB Type-C port which usually supported a higher speed data transfer and a lot more.


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