Best USB C cables 2022- Apphone Wholesale USB Type C Cable

USB Type-C cable

USB-C has already been adopted by many PCs, tablets, and smartphones, as well as peripheral devices like monitors, flash drives, and hard drives. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. USB standards are like blueprints that companies use to make cables and connectors. Best USB C cables 2022- Apphone Wholesale USB Type C Cable

Now that Android phones and laptops have started to use USB-C ports for all manner of data transfer and charging, the last holdout is the iPhone. Even though Apple’s laptops have made the switch to USB-C, iPhones still have the company’s in-house Lightning port and come with underpowered USB-A chargers.

The durable nylon woven fabric is made of a high-quality aluminum casing that makes the charger cable resistant to oxidation. Excellent resistance to twisting and abrasion.With a tested 10000+ bend lifespan. Compliant with USB Type C specification version 1.1, 56kilohm, ensuring a maximum charge of 3A. Low-resistance internal pure copper wire ensures a maximum charging speed of up to 3A and transmits data up to 480 Mbits.For ensure the charging speed of your device, please use the original USB C port wall charger, or high quality charger which can support QC 2.0/3.0 fast charging.

Type c cable wholesale, Using USB-C for charging is faster, more affordable, and more reliable than ever. At Wirecutter, we’re increasingly recommending USB-C accessories as the best options for phone chargers, car chargers, and power banks. Depending on the gear you use, you may want to go all-in on USB-C as cables fray and chargers go missing, or to look for options that have both port types.

USB-C is slim, reversible, and will replace all of the old connector types, but what can USB-C do? A USB-C connector has 24 pins compared to 9 pins on the previous generation of USB 3.0. These extra pins allow for increased power, data, and video. While USB 3.0 ports and their 9 pins were capped at a 5Gbps transfer rate, USB-C can support up to 40Gbps depending on the protocol. Here is where the confusing part comes in.


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