Apple Lightning cable Charger- Apfen USB Cable for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Lightning to USB Charging Cable

A growing number of Apple devices are equipped with USB-C or wireless charging capabilities, but many—including iPhones, AirPods, Magic Keyboards, and more—still use the company’s proprietary Lightning port. Apple Lightning cable Charger- Apfen USB Cable for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Cable Matters cables and chargers are all guaranteed to be of a high-quality. If you opt for an unknown brand’s cable or charger, however, you should always stick to one that has been “Made for iPhone,” or “MFI” certified, as that means it’s received the Apple seal of approval, having gone through Apple’s rigorous compliance testing. Lighting on the other hand only supports a maximum current of 12W/2.4A. In order to support high delivery speeds for today’s fast charging Apple includes a USB-C to Lightning cable with most products that can be used in conjunction with a 20W fast charging power adapter to provide fast charging for devices.

Iphone charger supplier, Apple’s Lightning cables are notoriously flimsy, and they cost more than many third-party cables—even those that Apple has certified will perform just as well as its own cables. Apfen Apphone Apple MFi Certified Cable, High-quality four-core thick copper wire enhance charging and data transfer speed of the chargers for iPhone. It’s not only fast but also safe. Charging and data transfer can be performed simultaneously. For your iPhone devices. Built with original chip promise NO WARNING MESSAGE pops up, ensures that your lightning devices are loaded and charge safely and faster at maximum speed.

The other part is USB-C was introduced a couple of years after Lightning and had newer technology to start with. It also had the benefit of being widely used in many computers as a replacement for the standard USB-A that has been part of the computer world for decades, which needed higher data transfer rates for large files, images, music and more.

Apple’s lightning connector found on iPhones can be thought of as a different, albeit proprietary, type of USB connector. While you won’t need to use your USB-C to Lightning cable when those devices launch (a standard, high-quality USB-C cable will suffice) you’ll have a USB-C charger with a high wattage ready to go.


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