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Type-C Charging Cable

A high-quality USB C cable offers the best connectivity for your mobile devices.Do You Have the Right Charger and Cable For Your Device?How USB-C technology can charge your latest devices 50%faster and support top data syncing speeds.But unfortunately,not all USB-C cables are made the same. Powerful Type-C Charging Cable Apphone Usb Cable Wholesale

Fast chargers and cables compliant with USB-PD and USB Type-C specifications can support charging power levels up to 100 W.Depending on the device involved,that means that they can recharge a phone or other device much faster than a wireless charger.A wired charger with a long-enough cable also allows users to keep interacting with their devices while they’re recharging,which is a major advantage for the phone-addicted among us.Whether at home or on the go,Apphone chargers keep you connected,moving forward and on with your day.

When it comes to powering up just about every device under the sun, you can count on USB-C cables.  Product reference:Deegotech usb c cable provides 5V/3A fast charging.The usb c charger cable can charge the galaxy s10 to 50%in 30 minutes.usb 2.0 cable provides data transfer speed up to 480Mbps(40-60M/s)(NOTE:The power adapter and phone need to support fast charging)

USB-C has become the leading standard for power,data transmission,as well as charging technology.Currently,USB-C technology can be found in tablets,phones,laptops,gaming devices,portable chargers,and notebooks.USB‑C cables must be capable of carrying appropriate voltages and currents.For chargers with captive or fixed cables,the cables must be capable of handling the charger’s maximum voltage output.

USB to Type C Data Cable

As important as these advantages are to users,it’s equally important for designers to consider the safety issues associated with power and temperature management at the cable-to-device connection.Without proper circuit design,including temperature monitoring,cables and connectors can accumulate contaminants inside the connection,causing them to heat up quickly,which can easily damage or destroy the cable and the mobile device.

As a customized manufacturer of data line for 15 years, Apphone has a strict factory quality inspection process,can fully control the whole production process of data line products,to ensure that the quality of data line products is stable,welcome to consult products and order.

Picture this: You’re sitting at your desk, engrossed in a project, and suddenly you trip over your laptop’s charging cable. In an instant, your laptop dropped to the floor, giving you a sinking feeling in your stomach. This unfortunate situation was all too common for MacBook users, until Apple introduced a revolutionary solution – MagSafe cable.

MagSafe 2 and MagSafe 3.

MagSafe 1 charger debuted on the 2006 MacBook Pro with its magnetic attachment and easy detachment. The first ‌MagSafe‌ port has a square design with five holes that connects to the included port using a magnetic connection. The idea is that if the connector is pulled, it will detach quickly and smoothly without damaging the ‌MagSafe‌ connector or ripping the MacBook Pro off the table or desk. Since its release, it has been an instant hit with MacBook users.

MagSafe 1 cable


Initially, Apple used a T-shaped design that pulled the wires directly out of the machine, and MagSafe charging port later transitioned to an L-shaped design that placed the wires on the side of the computer. The T-shaped design was used from 2006 to 2009, while the L-shaped design was used from 2010 to 2012.

However, as technology advanced and laptops became thinner and lighter, Apple faced a challenge – how to adapt the sleek design of new devices while maintaining the convenience and security of MagSafe. About a decade later, USB-C gradually replaced Apple’s MagSafe. USB-C cables certainly have their advantages, but MacBook Pro owners have never forgotten about MagSafe.

MagSafe 2 cable

Miniaturization led Apple to launch MagSafe 2 in 2012. MagSafe 2 uses a thinner T-shaped connector, allowing Apple to create a slimmer MacBook. The new design fit the thinner Mac computers Apple released that year. While some users prefer the smaller form factor, the Apple ‌MagSafe‌2 connector is not compatible with the original ‌MagSafe‌ connector and requires an adapter.

Apple brought back the T-shaped design with the ‌MagSafe‌2 cable and stuck with it throughout the Apple ‌MagSafe‌’s lifecycle.

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