Technical Information: Why Usb Type C Data Cables Are Popular.

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Speaking of mobile phone interfaces, you must be familiar with it. After all, almost everyone has a mobile phone now, and they have to charge the mobile phone every day. The Type-C interface is very easy to manage. The Type-C interface seems to gradually occupy the form of the mobile phone interface, and even Apple is now using the Type-C interface. Technical Information: Why Usb Type C Data Cables Are Popular.


In our daily life, only three different types of data lines are used with high probability. That is, Micro USB data cable, USB Type-C data cable and Lighting data cable. Micro USB data cable and USB Type-C data cable are general data cables for Android devices, and Lighting data cables are dedicated data cables for Apple devices.USB Type-C, the newest USB connector standard, is about cabling.  You’ll begin to see the small, reversible Type-C connectors on devices from laptops and smart phones to flash drives and video systems.  The list is inclusive and growing because the Type-C cable can provide both data and power to hosts and devices, as well as offer a universal power cable solution. Smaller than the standard USB connectors, the rugged connector can be used in slimmer designs and be configured for a variety of applications.


Why USB Type c cables are popular


Type-C interface fast transmission, fast charging power

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The reason why the Type-C interface is popular is that in addition to being convenient for management, its own strength will be stronger than that of the mirco usb interface. The Type-C interface adopts the USB3.1 standard, and the transmission speed is faster than the mirco usb interface of the USB2.0 protocol.


The birth of Type-C has also raised the charging power of mobile phones to a higher level. Compared with the “small pool” with a maximum mirco usb interface of about 18W, the Type-C supporting 120W can be said to be very convenient to use, and it is widely used in fast charging. Today, it is understandable that there are more and more Type-C interfaces.


Type-C is more convenient to use with the same front and back


The Type-C interface is more convenient to use. The front and back sides are the same. It can be inserted into the mobile phone port at will. It will not only support one side insertion like the mirco usb interface. If it is inserted backwards, it will easily cause the problem of damage to the mobile phone port. The more convenient way of use has made the Type-C interface popular, and more and more people like to use the Type-C interface.


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