Apphone iPhone Charger- Usb to Lightning cable For iPhone/iPad/iPod

Usb to Lightning cable For iPhone

All newer iPhone models have been capable of fast charging.Use this Apple USB Lightning cable to connect Apple devices to chargers and computers.This lightning to USB Cable lets you charge and sync your iPhone,iPad,or iPod to your Mac or Windows PC. Apphone iPhone Charger-Usb to Lightning cable For iPhone/iPad/iPod

Lightning ports were once ubiquitous across Apple’s iPhone and iPad line-up.While they remain a standard feature on all iPhones,it is now only the standard iPad that uses a Lightning port for charging and data transfer,with all other current-generation iPads instead favouring a USB-C port.The Apphone iPhone charging cable is composed of high-quality copper wires which supports stable&high-speed charging(2.4A)and fast data transfer(480Mbps),working better and quick charge your devices.

Apple Fast charging cables are typically thicker since they have more wires clustered inside.However,this is not a hard and fast rule,so identify a fast charger using the other methods mentioned below.As most Apple users will agree,one Lightning cable is never enough.Whether it gets damaged through wear and tear,or it is misplaced,borrowed or stolen,you can guarantee it is never there when you need it.

If you have the iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max or newer model,this cable will come in the box.If you have the baseline model iPhone 11 or an older model,you will still need to buy a USB-C to Lightning cable separately for fast charging. You can find the wattage printed on the bottom of most power adapters. Otherwise, you can calculate the wattage by multiplying the volts and amps. For example, if a charger has a power output of 10V and 2A, it will have a wattage of 20W.

Best Lightning USB Cable for iPad

Check the Voltage and Current Output,If you see a cable that puts out power at 5V,9V,12V or even 2000mA,this is a sure sign that it’s a fast charger.On the other hand,anything below 1000mAh is considered a slow charger.So look for 5V-2A or 5V-2000mA.Ideally,you should seek out a fast-charging cable of 2A voltage or more,but double-check the specific current suitable to fast charge your personal device.

Apple has not made an easy on-screen message for indicating fast-charging status.One way you can tell is through the chime or ding your iPhone makes when the cable is plugged in.Using a normal cable and adapter like the ones that come in a new iPhone box,there should only be one chime noise emitted from the phone to signal normal charging.In fast charging mode,you should hear a second chime sounding a second or two after the first chime.

Most of today’s fast charging technologies can charge a mobile phone to 50%of the power in half an hour.If you have a requirement for charging speed,you can start with a fast charging data cable,which is convenient for your daily use.You can always keep track of your charging times and compare to Apple’s claims of 50%in 30 minutes.If your charging times are similar to their claims,then you are most likely in fast charging mode.


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