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Lightning cable is a type of cable used to charge and sync Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Apple charging cable, Lightning interface characteristics, front and back can be blind plug, Lightning interface charging power is not enough, the limitation of slow data transmission is exposed. About the 8-pin action of the Apple Lightning charging cable Apphone Apple charging cable structure, the Lighting interface has two independent differential channels controlled by the chip, and the contacts on both sides are connected through the internal channel. The Lightning interface supports positive and negative insertion, similar to the Type-C interface of Android, with 8Pin contacts on both sides, which can work normally no matter how you insert it. Name definition of 8 pins on both sides of Lightning interface: PWR is the power supply. GND is the ground cable ID0/ID 1: Used to identify ID identification signal pins such as positive side or accessory type L0P, L0n, L1n, L1p: are signal pins used for data transmission There is also a certification chip in the Lightning interface, which will be verified with the charging device. Therefore, if a transmission line other than the original lightning interface is used, it may fail to charge and transmit. Lightning is Apple’s proprietary charging option, while Micro-USB is a standardized model that works on a wide range of devices. The mother base of the Lightning data cable interface is a common iPhone mobile phone interface, and the internal side has 8 contacts. This internal structure determines that although the front and back of the pin are connected in different ways, it can ensure that no matter which side the user inserts, the data line can be recognized and operated normally. At the same time, an identification chip is added to the device. When using third-party accessories, the iPhone will prompt for uncertified accessories, and will not support querying battery health after disconnecting or replacing the battery, and so on. Lightning Connector and Port Pinout With FAQs Lightning cables come in different types such as the standard, coiled, USB-C, and USB-A to lightning cables. Apphone MFi Certified Lightning Cable Data Synchronization, Integrated security and four-wire copper cable for improved signal quality and strength.
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